Vervotech signs 6 clients

Two-year old Pune-based hotel mapping company Vervotech has signed up six new businesses since the pandemic struck – an indication that companies are now beginning to invest in the future.

Hazel Jain

A SaaS company offering AI-based hotel mapping and room mapping services to travel companies globally, Vervotech is breaking all barriers that this pandemic has put up for businesses around the world. It has signed up six new clients since the pandemic hit! How? By creating a product that helps travel companies scale up their business. Sanjay Ghare, Founder, Vervotech, says, “As we know, hotels and destinations around the world are either closed or in various stages of opening, or they are changing their suppliers, etc. Therefore, a fully automated system is required to get the latest rates. This pandemic has shown us how important access to the latest updates and information can be for business. A completely updated content and mapping is really important for agents to capture that business. That’s why we have started getting clients. For example, during the pandemic we signed, Travel Brands in Canada, and now Unsold in USA.”

Ghare adds that a lot of big companies are using the German company Giata. So why move from Giata to Vervotech? “Mapping coverage and mapping speed are key. We are mapping at more than 98 per cent and at a speed of three million properties in 24 hours. Due to mapping inefficiencies, suppliers are not able to sell their full content to their customers. Since it is an AI-based product, it is completely supplier-agnostic. Our focus right now is to add features that will help companies to go live immediately,” he reveals. It currently has clients in eight countries including industry leaders such as TBO Group (India and UAE), Travel Leaders Group (USA), Travel Brands (Canada), etc.


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