Travelexic offers digitised MICE Ops

Travelexic has joined hands with Thomas Cook and SOTC to develop a custom solution for their MICE vertical. Their technology aims to replace the human-intensive MICE Ops. Travelexic also provides a mobile application for ease of engagement and management of the tour.

Nisha Verma

Travelexic is a SaaS-based business process automation solution for tour and MICE operators, co-founded by Dhruv Chauhan. “It helps create a bridge between fulfilment teams, the handler and ultimately the end traveller. Our solution brings value by helping teams cut cost, improve service delivery, and enhance traveller experience,” he says.

Claiming that it simplifies the processes for companies that are handling big incentive groups, Chauhan adds, “Large groups require all the effort that goes into managing travel for a family, many times over. In other words, there is repetition of work across multiple passengers, requiring large teams and redundant processes to minimise errors and meet deadlines. Moreover, since it is B2B, the scope of error is next to nil.”

Chauhan says that Travelexic aims to replace the traditional human-intensive nature of MICE operations through technology. “Our approach combines automation with design thinking to achieve both efficiency and increased productivity. The document and information collection process is one such workflow, where we use a combination of Travelexic forms and bulk mailing to make the entire process seamless. The document tracker gives you a single view of all pendency, incoming documents, plus our bulk reminder-cum-QC mails ensure the operators’ productivity is maximised. Other such workflows include traveller registration and approval, bulk document sharing and rooming,” he says. There are many other benefits for companies opting for Travelexic, he insists. “The other big focus area has been the experience of the end traveller and the corporate in case of MICE. A global report by SITE back in 2019 had highlighted the growing importance of traveller experience and their feedback on the overall success of an incentive programme. Here again, our fully White-labelled traveller App helps raise the overall experience by keeping the traveller informed of the entire process including his visa status, travel-related updates, tickets, etc. The traveller gets a paperless experience by having access to all his documents, itinerary, tickets, etc. In addition, our tools for on-ground engagement such as polling, chat and broadcast ensure traveller remains engaged and always connected. Lastly, we maximise collection of feedback through a trigger-driven custom feedback tool,” Chauhan explains.

The highlight of Travelexic is the tour manager (TM) App. “Once the tour is on ground, the tour manager is the single most critical aspect of the tour. Our tour manager App helps augment his capabilities and provide him the necessary tools to manage seamlessly and efficiently. Tools for engagement include broadcasting, polling, chat and so forth. Additionally, we offer tools for expense recording, inventory and attendance management. Moreover, we relieve him/her from the inconvenience of carrying hard copies by providing access to passenger details including meal plans, rooming, arrival/departure details through the TM App,” he explains.

Speaking on the partnership with Thomas Cook and SOTC, he shares, “It has been a dream come true! Our system has benefited immensely from their inputs and allowed us to build a solution that will not only help them cut cost but significantly improve their customer experience.” Chauhan also claims that the ability to work remotely, yet be productive, will now be showcased.


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