Redefining travel retailing

Today’s travellers are adept at using technology for their benefit, know exactly what they want, and expect their travel agents to present them with an abundance of choice. Here’s how Travelport Smartpoint 11.1 helps in redefining travel retailing with its unique features.

The travel industry has had its share of challenges in the past two years, and as the world is back to normalcy, various changes can be witnessed. Today’s travellers are adept at using technology for their benefit, know exactly what they want, and expect their travel agents to present them with an abundance of choice. Customisation also plays a vital role in travel retail today and agencies need the best support possible to sell efficiently to their customers. With Travelport Smartpoint, agencies can cater to their customers’ needs easily and plan the best trip in a couple of minutes. With access to the world’s travel content packed with special features to help make mundane tasks easier, Travelport Smartpoint is the one-stop solution for all travel agencies’ requirements.

Access to unparalleled content With Travelport, agencies get access to a vast amount of rich content, easily accessible at one place. There is also the option of customised search results, so that the most suitable options for travellers are visible. With unparalleled travel content at their disposal, the travel agencies have the power to sell more efficiently along with building a devoted clientele. By accessing in-depth information and visual content, Travelport Smartpoint users can streamline the travel decision-making process for their customers.

Airline bookings made easier

Travelport Smartpoint gives its subscribers the ability to choose from over 400 airlines, including the leading LCCs that can be booked from a single window, with a few clicks. This saves up the travel agencies time, as there is no need to go to the provider’s website.

More sales opportunities

Travelport Smartpoint gives you the access to several upgraded features such as SeatGuru integration, graphical seat maps, adding facilities like extra luggage, lounge access, on-board Wi-Fi, special meals and so on. Enabling these features help the travel agencies in securing more sales opportunities, as their travellers can request everything at a single place.

Access to NDC content

NDC content has proven to be revolutionary in the travel industry and has changed the way travel content is presented to the travellers. Travelport Smartpoint’s NDC plugin helps users to deliver the best possible experience for travellers, as it gives the agencies access to a vast pool of NDC content.

Customisation and configuration

Travelport Smartpoint comes with the option of easily configuring and customising the platform so that it reflects the travel agencies’ standard operating procedures.


Travelport Smartpoint is a flexible platform that supports both styles of working as the user can either enter a command or simply point and click to make a booking or view options. Up to 8 windows, plus the PNR viewer screen, can be run simultaneously, which leads to a never-interrupted workflow. Also, there are various third-party apps available on the Travelport Marketplace for travel agents’ use.

Improved customer service

For the travellers, receiving regular quotes and itineraries from their travel agents makes them feel connected and secure. But at times, sending these quotes and itineraries can be a hassle. However, Travelport’s Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) Manager makes it possible to issue EMDs for paid seats and ancillaries without getting in touch with the carrier. The difficulty involved in issuing an EMD is eliminated by the straightforward graphical user interface. Also, Travelport Trip Quote and Travelport ViewTrip enables the travel agents to send quotes and itineraries directly to their customers.







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