Langkawi: A perfect place to unwind

Langkawi is not being called The Jewel of Kedah for nothing. Turquoise water surrounds the glimmering powdery sands making this spectacular island as one of Malaysia’s top holiday destinations.

Langkawi also has a duty-free status which means you can shop your heart out here! Not only it is a paradise for shoppers, but this island also has numerous kinds of other attractions that you can swing by. There is no shortage of activities if you are here in Langkawi.

Panorama Langkawi

Panorama Langkawi is a ‘must-try’ if you visit Langkawi. There are many attractions here, but the ones that you should try are the SkyBridge and SkyCab. Go and ride a cable car using SkyCab to experience the panoramic view of the greeneries while being 650 metres away from the land. Dangling amidst the lush green forests, with only the open blue sky right in front of you is something you should do at least once in a lifetime.

One of the main attractions here is a walk on the SkyBridge. Yes! It is what it is, so brace yourself and walk through a 125-metre-long suspended bridge. The bridge is 100 metres above the ground, and the scenery is breathtaking. Some even cry in awe of the beautiful sight, but most usually cry because of fear. The sky filled with silver clouds is just before your eyes with the breezy wind touching your skin. The sound of the wind intertwines with the echo of singing birds from the woods – this memory right here will last a lifetime.

The Top Station is located at the summit of Mount Mat Cincang. Just a short walk up the stairs from the Top Station, at an elevation of 708 metres above sea level, will take you to two viewing platforms, offering a spectacular 360-degree view of Langkawi.

The Top Station also provides access to the SkyBridge, which is the longest free span and curved bridge in the world, spanning about 125 metres in length and held by an 82-metre single pylon. The bridge gives every visitor a unique spatial experience of spectacular views along the curve.

Kilim Karst Geoforest Park

Nature has its magic where it can heal the exhausted souls. A tour at Kilim Geoforest Park will offer you some healing experiences. This park is full of a spectacular collection of geo-sites. Take a trip on a boat to appreciate the beauty of flora and fauna in the mangrove forests. On some lucky days, you can spot an otter or a dolphin in this emerald river!

Pulau Payar Marine Park

Do yourself a favour and visit Pulau Payar Marine Park. Explore the underwater life and enjoy looking at fishes swimming gracefully around the beautiful island. The marine park comprises of four uninhabited islands – Payar, Segantang, Kaca, and Lembu. The largest island is Payar, where the Marine Park Centre is found. You can go snorkeling, swimming, and diving at the marine park. Swim your way through all the shipwrecks, concrete blocks, old tyres that are home of many kinds of marine life. Dive in the deep royal blue water and feel the motions of marine creatures, welcoming you to their abode. Some even swim close to you while lightly brushing your skin, making you feel like you’re one of them.


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