Emirates’ bold approach to India

Tim Clark, President, Emirates, says the airline’s focus is on robust business model and commitment to meeting customer needs. He highlights the need for innovation and flexibility in the dynamic aviation market.

Janice Alyosius

Emirates airlines has emerged as one of the most resilient and innovative airlines in the aviation industry. “The airline’s strong network, which serves almost every city on the planet, allowed it to weather the COVID storm and emerge as the most profitable in its history,” shared, Tim Clark, President, Emirates.

Emirates’ resilience

Emirates had previously experienced economic and geopolitical challenges, which helped the airline to remain confident that the aviation industry would recover from the pandemic. Speaking of the resilience in the times of crisis, Clark said, “The airline was prepared for the end of pandemic end and was able to reactivate its fleet and rehire staff as early as 2021. The successful implementation of an all-cargo operation helped Emirates become cash positive by mid-2021. The airline’s strong network allowed it to weather the COVID storm and emerge as the most profitable in its history.”

Lessons learnt from COVID

Clark said despite being the most severe global economic crisis since World War II, the aviation industry successfully navigated through the pandemic. “Lessons learned from this crisis will enable the industry to sustain and manage through any future crises that may arise. The Emirates management team holds the firm belief that challenges can be resolved or will eventually come to an end and is confident in its ability to tackle any obstacle that comes its way,” he said.

Emirates’ India strategy

Clark disclosed the Emirates’ strategy for India and said, “Emirates recognizes the immense potential in India, and we need to adopt a bold and courageous approach, leveraging emerging technologies such as AI to improve our ability to engage with our present and future customers.”

Consumer behaviour and preferences

Clark observed that there is a strong demand for air travel, with over five people showing interest in purchasing every seat offered by Emirates. As a result, passengers are willing to pay more than they did in the past. This provides valuable insights into consumer behaviour and preferences, but Emirates cannot be complacent and assume that prices will remain high indefinitely. “The demand for air travel has always been high, particularly for full-service carriers on long-haul flights, he said.

Creating value in value chain

Emphasizing on the creation of a value chain, Clark said that a robust business model, consistent product development, and unyielding commitment to meeting customer needs are crucial in today’s economy.





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