Customers at centre of innovation

Technology and innovation continue to be at the heart of what makes Amadeus successful and are key to anticipating and fulfilling the customers’ needs, shares Rakesh Bansal, CEO, Amadeus Indian Subcontinent.

Janice Alyosius

Over the years, Amadeus has demonstrated the ability to adjust to changing market conditions and client expectations, helping them to increase travel efficiency and providing value to all the stakeholders. Rakesh Bansal, CEO, Amadeus Indian Subcontinent, said, “We connect travel players and make personalized journeys happen. We design our solutions around our customers’ needs as well as the needs of their customers—the travellers. At all stages of the travel experience—from inspiration to shopping, booking, on-trip and post-trip—our solutions help deliver better service to travellers.”

The success of Amadeus is still largely due to its commitment to technology and innovation, which are essential for foreseeing and meeting the clients’ requirements. “Our technology and services encompass the full spectrum of travel. Our portfolio includes integrated front, mid and back-office solutions, as well as self-booking and expense management tools that optimise performance and maximise revenue,” he added.

Change in distribution system market 

During the pandemic, as global travel came to a standstill, the creativity and commitment of the industry to adapt and evolve was impressive. “Delivering on changing traveller needs, developing identification and health certification solutions, rolling out biometrics, building new travel experiences, all helped to re-ignite global travel as restrictions lifted. Now once again, we see travel players taking a stand and making bold decisions to address both the ethical and commercial challenges this conflict is creating. We need a reinforced spirit of collaboration and intentional reimagining to rebuild the travel industry and make it more resilient. Amadeus is committed to collaborating with industry partners to design safer travel experiences that inspire trust and restore demand,” he shared.

Amadeus’ progress with NDC

Amadeus recently shared the key benefits of NDC and how to achieve the full integration of NDC, which is bringing retailing capabilities to life through dynamic and more personalized content. “We are pioneering several technological breakthroughs on NDC and continues to work closely with its partners to make sure NDC addresses the needs of all stakeholders. Amadeus-powered travel agencies are already managing NDC bookings through both Amadeus selling platform connect, as well as the Amadeus web services. When it comes to NDC operational readiness, the challenge many agencies face today is integrating different workflows and different processes in third-party aggregators and other GDS systems. In the Amadeus environment, interoperability is a key strategic initiative. Amadeus offers an unparalleled capacity of NDC aggregation, content harmonization and end-to-end servicing with an aim to provide a seamless experience,” he added.



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