‘Cloud keeps infrastructure updated’

The success of travel companies depends on delivering quick services to the rapidly evolving customer needs. Cloud keeps the infrastructure updated and always running during uncertain events. Mani Ganeshan, APAC Engineering Head & Centre Head, Amadeus Labs Bengaluru, explains how this works.

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Why do travel companies need to adopt cloud technology?

Today as customers increasingly use online sources to search, plan and book travel, cloud technology promises a more connected, frictionless, and sustainable experience for travel businesses and travelers. It enables seamless collaboration in the travel ecosystem, helping companies support their customers better, and more efficiently by providing the information they need, when and where they need it.

The success of travel companies depends on delivering quick services to the rapidly evolving customer needs. Cloud keeps the infrastructure updated and always running during uncertain events such as the pandemic or in times of rising unpredictable traffic, resulting in faster innovation, delivery cycles, and quicker customer responses.

By cutting down operational costs, facilitating access to new markets, and market intelligence to target consumers more purposefully, cloud technology helps travel businesses of all sizes improve the scale and scope of their business. The future belongs to the new digital leaders, and the cloud enables these travel leaders to thrive in the digital age.

How does cloud technology enhance customer loyalty and improve business processes for travel companies?

Cloud is redefining the underlying principles of strategy and changing the rules by which companies operate to succeed. From enabling seamless, secure access and providing a holistic view of rich travel information to allowing businesses to personalize services based on an in-depth understanding of each customer’s needs, the cloud is positively impacting customer satisfaction worldwide.

How does the cloud unlock the value of data and improve the quality of travel?

Travel businesses are increasingly looking for ways to maximize value from data and scale new heights of innovation. Cloud technology tracks customers’ behavior and preferences, enabling businesses to use the digitally derived data to customize services per travelers’ needs. Artificial Intelligence provides a perfect data mesh based on customer behavior and searches where different business lines can access each other’s data to create innovative market experiences and maximize value. These actionable insights attract customers, improve customer relationships and the quality of travel, and, more importantly, give the business a competitive edge in the industry.

How is Amadeus’ cloud transformation journey is bringing the next wave of innovation in the travel industry?

Amadeus embarked upon its journey to transform travel technology 35 years ago. In 2021, we partnered with Microsoft to accelerate our cloud journey and initiated a jointly funded innovation program to deliver new cloud-based solutions to the industry. This partnership allows us to seamlessly distributes applications over several infrastructures, enabling customers to access data anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, we are implementing a new cloud-based cybersecurity defense system in line with ‘Defense-in-Depth’ technology principles which translates into more secure services for all customers. Moving to the public cloud helps us support the high-speed digital demands of today’s travel and break new ground in artificial intelligence, data analytics, and NDC. The benefits associated with the cloud transformation journey enable us to connect the entire travel ecosystem on the platform to deliver a seamless experience for more than 2 billion passengers worldwide.

What are some environmental benefits of cloud technology in the travel industry?

While cloud-based platforms lead businesses on a journey of continuous disruption, they also enable more efficient use of energy than running computers on-site via server rooms and local data centers. For instance, our partnership with Microsoft Azure helps our partners, like airlines, to decrease fuel consumption and have core components of their IT operations that are sustainable and carbon neutral.









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