Big celebration on Hahn Air Day

Hahn Air Day is celebrated every year on September 16, informs Bharat Kapoor, Regional Vice President India, Agency Disribution, Hahn Air Lines, adding that the day was celebrated this year also with aplomb. He shares details of the activities done for the same and plans ahead.

TT Bureau

September 16 was carefully chosen by Hahn Air Lines as it mirrors the numbers of the HR-169 Hahn Air ticket. On this day, Hahn Air showcases its appreciation and gratefulness to its travel agent partners around the world. Sharing details, Bharat Kapoor, Regional Vice President India, Agency Disribution, Hahn Air Lines, said, “We created Hahn Air Day three years ago to say thank you and show our appreciation and gratefulness to our travel agent community. This year, our focus was all about sustainability to honour our partnership with veritree, a technology platform enabling and tracking global restoration projects. Through a recently formed partnership, Hahn Air committed to restoring coastal mangrove forests in Kenya and Madagascar by planting 150,000 trees. This Hahn Air Day, we visited travel agencies in 14 locations around the world, including Delhi, to bring office plants as a gift. We also had an online game for all travel agents. Winners received a tree sponsorship for 50 mangrove trees in our forest in Madagascar:”

New Initiatives

Sharing the way forward, Kapoor added, “Hahn Air just recently announced the start of a series of environment-focused initiatives, including a partnership with veritree. This involves reducing the carbon footprint of our own flights, of our business operations and our business travel activities. In this regard, it is important for us to work with a trustworthy partner who closely oversees and monitors the progress of our planting initiative. With veritree, we can be sure about every single tree being planted and nurtured to reach its full carbon absorbing capacity. We can also trust that our contribution is not only benefitting the environment but also the local community. To contribute to a more sustainable air transport, we are also looking into solutions for our travel agency and airline partners. It is our clear goal to offer carbon compensation options for flights distributed through Hahn Air in the future.”

Surviving the pandemic

Speaking on how the company survived the two years of pandemic, Kapoor said, “Of course, and like the entire airline and tourism industry, Hahn Air has felt the consequences of the global pandemic. As a strong partner of travel agencies and airlines, our business is affected when the business of our partners is not doing well. However, we are also in the fortunate position to have a strong standing with 20 years of experience, a worldwide set-up, a network of over 350 partner airlines and 100,000 travel agency partners. We are here to assist our travel agency partners to recover their business results.”

Green shoots

However, he said that in 2022, they have seen excellent growth and the business is picking up again. “Of course, the development depends very much on the travel restrictions that were or are still in place due to the global pandemic. But overall, we can report that travel is picking up. Especially in the months of May to July, we have seen booking levels that were almost en par with 2019.”

India market

Commenting on the India market, he added, “India is one of the strongest markets for us at Hahn Air. Over the years, we have added many airlines for our travel agency community and thereby provide additional ticketing opportunities. The agencies benefit by being able to serve their clients in a more efficient and profitable manner.







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