Air Peace launches Mumbai flights

Expanding operations to India, Nigerian airline Air Peace has launched two weekly flights from Mumbai to Lagos. The airline plans to rope in other Indian carriers also with an aim to connect Africa to the East, South, and North of India. Olajide Oluwatoyin, COO, Air Peace, highlights the exclusive promotions and offers for the Indian passengers.

Janice Alyosius

Nigerian airline Air Peace has launched its scheduled operations to India with its first flight after the COVID-19 pandemic taking off from Mumbai on April 1. Air Peace began its operations in India in 2020 during the pandemic and has repatriated more than 8,500 Indians from Nigeria to India since then, shared Olajide Oluwatoyin, COO, Air Peace.

Flight expansion plans

The Nigerian airline is currently operating two flights per week from Mumbai on Tuesdays and Saturdays in the afternoon connecting Mumbai with Lagos. Air Peace is the only carrier connecting direct India to West Africa on a wide body aircraft B-777 with Economy, Business and First Class configuration. The direct flight takes around 9 hours to Lagos. The airline also has plans to expand its network to other parts of India by partnering with other big carriers in the country. Oluwatoyin shared, “Air Peace wants to connect Africa to the East, South, and North of India to provide passengers with a better travel experience. Talks are already underway with some of the carriers in India to achieve this goal.”

Importance of Indian market

Oluwatoyin emphasized on the importance of Indian market for Nigeria. She said, “The two countries have a strong trade relationship, and many Indian companies are well established in Nigeria. There is also a lot of traffic between Nigeria and India, including medical tourism. Air Peace is removing the discomfort and long travel times for passengers by offering flights from Nigeria to India that take only nine hours.”

Tie-up with other carriers

Air Peace plans to partner with carriers in other markets also. “Air Peace has a GSA, Minar Group, in India, and is running promotions exclusively for the Indian market. Passengers can buy five business class tickets and get one free, and the airline has launched affordable ticket prices for the Indian market. These offers are exclusive to the Indian market and can be accessed via the airline’s website or through Minar Travels offices,” she shared.

Trade partnerships

Air Peace’s expansion into India offers a significant boost to the trade relationship and partnership between Nigeria and India. The airline’s expansion plans and partnerships with other carriers in India will provide a more comfortable travel experience for passengers and open up new destinations.

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