6 tech start-ups to watch for

We put the spotlight on six of the most innovative and exciting travel technology start-ups that the industry should look out for in 2021 who can together contribute to the industry’s recovery and help people to feel confident enough to travel again. From more efficient booking systems to managing travel commissions, the travel tech world is brimming with ideas!

Hazel Jain

Trip Ninja

Trip Ninja’s technology increases agent efficiency by empowering them with the tools to construct complex itineraries in seconds. It’s an all-in-one flight booking platform helping agents find more competitive itineraries, while their suite of APIs helps online travel agencies augment specific aspects of their booking flow with machine learning.


Proving who you are when traveling can mean repetitive and time-consuming manual checks of paper documents. Digital identities will help unlock travel with safer, more secure and seamless journeys. Airside is a provider of privacy-based digital identity solutions, for businesses and individuals, helping them verify, share, and manage personal information, including COVID-19 lab results. Airside offers a privacy network that gives individuals complete control of their digital identity. It is an Amadeus Ventures investment.


Finding extra sources of revenue and maximize airlines’ load factor is more important than ever. CitizenPlane acts as a marketing carrier for distressed inventory of airlines. It re-markets airline’s remaining air content on competitive routes to increase their load factor. It connects empty seats from airlines, tour-operators and charter brokers to more than 120 distribution channels seamlessly.


Sion’s cloud-based web application is a perfect tool for travel agents. It claims to offer the simplest way to track and manage travel commissions. Its software tracks, manages, and processes commissions for the travel industry. Sion’s system is a transparent tool between accounting, agents and contractors. Users can now use this software with a strong user experience to automate invoicing and easily filter reporting and GDS integration.


Taking the burden out of cross-border payments isn’t easy. TakeMe’s solution connects numerous international payment brands to each merchant in a simple format, allowing customers to make payments on their smartphones though a QR code. It supports more than 100 payment methods and works cross-border O2O (online-to-offline) with added value to SMEs.


Have you ever had difficulties in planning a holiday that would accommodate the needs of travellers with disabilities and senior travellers? We bet you have! Travaxy’s APIs solve the problem so that travel aggregators can provide accurate information on accessibility details and match the right service (flights and hotels) to the right disabled/senior traveller. It helps travel agencies offer disabled and senior travellers a worry-free holiday experience.



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