‘We understand Asian market best’

Michael Goh, President, Resorts World Cruises, says the cruise line will continue to capitalise on its valuable experience to innovate offerings and unique experiences for the Indian market and strengthen the brand presence in the country by expanding their B2B and B2C network.

Harshal Ashar

What are your expectations for this new cruise line?

Resorts World Cruises is a newly launched cruise brand, but with its deep Asian roots and over 50 years of affiliated experience in hospitality and cruising, we are confident that the brand will continue to resonate with the trade and consumers in India. Having established a homeport like Singapore is important as it is one of the leading cruise hubs in Asia and a popular destination for vacationers from India. Subsequently with our decades of affiliated experience in India and across Asia, we have the expertise to innovate offerings on the Genting Dream, including cuisine, on board activities, entertainment, shore excursions and more that will appeal to different target segments in the region.

What kind of target numbers do you have in mind for the next 2-5 years?

The response of the launch for Resorts World Cruises in India has been overwhelming. Within two months of opening bookings, we secured over 20,000 cabins from the India market. We are optimistic that the fly-cruise demand will continue to be strong in the following years, as we continue to push our offerings to a wider market segment, including MICE.

What kind of strategy will you deploy for the India market?

We will continue to capitalise on our valuable experience to innovate new offerings and unique experiences; from our onboard thematic cruising offerings to authentic vegetarian cuisine, including Jain menus. In addition, we will further strengthen our brand presence in India by expanding on our B2B and B2C network. We will continue to work closely with our travel and trade partners in India to equip them with the necessary training and tools to strengthen the Resorts World Cruises brand and product offerings in India.

How is this product different from cruise lines in the same product category?

As an Asian cruise line with deep Asian heritage, we understand the Asian market best and that is what sets us apart. With the launch of Resorts World Cruises, we had also reimagined our cruise offerings, redefining personalised cruising lifestyle experiences with diverse international offerings. Our unique highlights include our High Energy Zones, packed with activities, as well as our Quiet and Chill Zones, for that alternative relaxing atmosphere.

Please share perspective on the cruise landscape globally.

The global landscape has changed much over the last two years with the pandemic, which has impacted various industries, including the cruise sector. However, this situation has enabled cruise lines to reset their thinking and operations. Consumer mindset has shifted and safety and well-being are still a priority for many travellers. Due to this, cruise lines have evolved and adapted at unprecedented speed to enhance its overall operations.



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