We are pleased to declare a new addition to our portfolio ‘River Stone Lodge’

An escape into the lap of nature ,that will inspire and delight every sense. Truly an experiential and tranquil hideaway. A perfect retreat in the outback.

”A home on the Range”

The Estate is set amidst farmland locally known as “mall”. It is distanced from any human inhabitants and all roads end here. It is spread in 30 acres of land sandwiched between two rivers, Parwan and its tributary Dabur and a forest on one side. It has 5 keys and 2 extra Beds, so in total 12 People Can be accommodated. The views of open landscapes, clean air, sunrise, sunsets, moonlit nights and the blue waters of Parwan are worth witnessing.

The main building is built like a plantation bungalow with a veranda, fireplaces and a bedroom. The villas are surrounded by Orange, Guava and bamboo plantations.

We are attaching herewith A Presentation And Map of River Stone Lodge .

Presentation / Map  : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1pB1g5TziDzsQw_1_9U0N9ThenUJ9cmZC


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