‘We are moving from fear to caution’

Thomas Cook India conducted its first M!CE roadshow in Mumbai recently, no doubt prompted by their corporate clients’ desire to return to normalcy, and having already conducted a few M!CE events. While virtual events may still be popular, it will, corporates say, will complement physical M!CE events in the months to come.

Hazel Jain

In a bold initiative, Thomas Cook India conducted a roadshow dedicated to M!CE for its corporate clients at the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel. Madhavan Menon, CMD, Thomas Cook India, said, “We have reached an inflection point where we are able to move from fear to caution.” The event included a panel discussion, a motivational session by actor Ashish Vidyarthi and table-top meetings.

Sharing the intention behind this event, Rajeev Kale, President & Country Head – Holidays, MICE, Visa, Thomas Cook (India), said, “The M!CE business requires a human element and so we decided to organise this in order to engage our partners. We had corporate clients from the western region –Pune, Ahmedabad and, of course, Mumbai.”

What corporates say

Dr Satish Wagh, CMD, Supriya Lifesciences

Corporates do want to  come back to normal and restart M!CE trips. While we don’t have anything on the cards as of now, we will plan something soon. Every year, I would make at least 70 international trips for business. But, 2020 was the first year when I didn’t travel anywhere. I am eager that I now start travelling for business and attending M!CE events in India and abroad.

Nikhil Chopra, CEO, JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

With the doctor community coming together, we will soon look at conducting small offsite meetings or conferences with them of around 30-40 individuals. It is a slow process, but people are now ready to connect face to face. But, virtual is here to stay and will complement physical events. So by the end of this year, things will likely come back to normal in terms of M!CE travel.

Nitin Khanna, Head (Retail Businesses & Marketing), ICICI Lombard

We have not initiated full-fledged M!CE events yet, but we have done small local events in Mumbai. But,generally, events start from the summer every year around May-June and we are definitely looking forward to conducting a few M!CE events this summer. Last year was a wash-out but this year we will start slow with caution. Each state tourism board is doing a lot to promote itself.

Navin Tewari, MD & CEO, Capital Foods

The M!CE options available in India are great and at the end of the day, the experience offered rather than the destination counts more.But, we are ready to conduct M!CE – no one is going to come and tell us, okay – now it is safe to do events. There is no ‘one day’ which will make it safe for M!CE; it is a slow process and it is us who will have to decide whether we want to restart M!CE or not.


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