Using technology-driven solutions

While travel demand is soaring to unprecedented heights, mobile apps and technology-driven solutions are playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing the industry. Voice Recognition, Bluetooth, Sensors, Virtual Reality, and the IoTs are being harnessed to empower travel agents with increased control and convenience in facilitating travel experiences.

The travel landscape is undergoing a remarkable shift, with FNF Research forecasting a staggering surge in the global online travel market to reach approximately US $1835.7 billion by 2028. This projection is underpinned by a compelling CAGR of roughly 14.9 per cent between 2022 and 2028. This trend is equally noticeable in the Indian online travel market, where Mordor Intelligence predicts growth from US $15.60 billion in 2023 to US $25.69 billion by 2028, showcasing a CAGR of 10.49 per cent during the forecast period. These numbers indicate the profound impact of mobile apps and technology transforming, not only on a global scale, but also in India.

The power of these technologies lies in their ability to offer personalized and convenient services at travellers’ fingertips. Mobile apps enable swift booking of tickets, hotels, cabs, tours, and more with a few taps. Beyond transactions, they provide navigation, social media integration, reviews, discounts, and alerts. These apps allow travellers to get instant support and communicate with travel agents and service providers in real-time, which is a crucial requirement for any traveller.

Integrating the travel agents

Travel agents are harnessing a range of cutting-edge technologies to significantly enhance their control and convenience in facilitating travel experiences. This is especially evident among OTAs, who are constantly customizing travel experiences for various travellers simultaneously. For instance, voice recognition enables travel agents to interact with systems naturally, resulting in streamlined tasks and reduced effort. Technologies such as Bluetooth, Beacons and Sensors, enable personalized travel offers and real-time updates based on location.

We have observed that many travel sellers are keen to explore retailing concepts, which are new and innovative through the adoption of technology and social media. This approach has allowed them to serve their customers in a more efficient manner by helping people find their dream travel experience. One standout development is our creation of voice-activated technology, enabling customers to effortlessly search and book travel.

Amadeus helps travel agents

Amadeus provides self-service APIs designed for developers within the travel industry. For travel agents, we offer robust search and booking tools that facilitate agent management and automate back-office tasks. Our comprehensive travel agency software equips agents to cater to an informed customer base, unlock new market opportunities, safeguard competitive positioning, and optimize revenue streams.

Strategies to gain client trust

To gain a comprehensive understanding of evolving traveller expectations and tailor services, the travel industry should adopt several strategic approaches. First, a critical factor is the anticipation of diverse traveller needs. To address this, we introduced the Traveler Tribes 2033 report, a comprehensive study aimed at providing nuanced insights into the future of travel. This research delves into the potential transformational forces that will shape travel in the coming years, along with emerging traveller traits, behaviours, and preferences.

The study has identified four distinct ‘Traveler Tribes’ that are likely to emerge in the next 10 years. Not as homogenous fixed groups, but signposts to how we, as travellers, may think and act.

Adapting to shifting travel behaviors is equally vital. Given the rise of remote work, sustainable travel, leisure trips, and wellness-focused journeys, travel providers should diversify their offerings. By embracing emerging technologies, the industry can craft impactful and pertinent travel experiences for the times ahead.



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