‘Use tech to move ahead’

Enterprising Travel Agent’s Association (ETAA), North India, recently concluded a networking meet and aims to educate them on technology and trends.

Nisha Verma

Saurabh Tuteja, General Secretary, ETAA North India, says that the agenda behind the meet was to create a platform for members to interact, learn and network. “I believe that today, knowledge is the key to success. It’s time that we use technology and networking to move ahead in the travel trade. Hence, we keep conducting   knowledge sessions, often followed by networking meets,” he shared.

The idea is to educate members so they are well-equipped for today’s world

The knowledge sessions organised by the association are quite varied, claims Tuteja, adding that “the idea is to educate members on different destinations, processes and technology, so that they are well-equipped for today’s competitive world and perform like a consultant instead of just a travel agent.” ETAA North India also conducts sessions on GST for its members’ benefit. The Chapter has recently added new members and hopes to reach the 500-member-mark by end of this year, claims Puneet Bhasin, Joint Secretary, ETAA North India. “ETAA is all about non-IATA members and that’s what the target is, though we do have some IATA members. We are looking at bringing the unorganised travel segment under an organised umbrella, where people from Tier-II and III cities can interact with people already established in the industry, to learn, partner and grow,” he says.

While the Association recently concluded educational Fam trips to Mashobra and Jungle Camp, it has more such trips on the cards for members, with a focus on experiential tourism and technology.

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