This Thai getaway ticks all boxes!

With more international borders expected to open this year for tourism and people waiting to make the most of this much-awaited development, travel is going to enter a never-seen-before phase. As families look to travel together, spaces that offer privacy, convenience, safety & hygiene, as well as social distancing are going to be in high demand.

Serving this very target audience is the X2 Chiang Mai South Gate Villa by Thailand-based hospitality group Cross Hotels & Resorts. It is a six-bedroom luxury villa located directly beside the South Gate entrance to the old city and its cultural heart.  X2 Chiang Mai South Gate sits amid lush tropical gardens and features an expansive swimming pool, luxurious living spaces and a fully-equipped kitchen and dining room. Though as contemporary as all X2 properties, Chiang Mai South Gate Villa has more natural touches. Inspiration for its design comes from the property’s abundant tropical gardens and Chiang Mai’s historic natural environment. Using hand-crafted timber, polished concrete and local art, the property blends local culture and inspiration with X2’s core design philosophy of soulful tranquillity, freedom and simplicity.

Artfully designed for maximum comfort, the large living and entertainment space at the villa guarantees guests have a delightful and memorable stay. X2 Chiang Mai South Gate Villa offers guests a private chef for an evening barbecue party. The on-site butler and concierge services deliver the very height of convenience, allowing guests to enjoy a delectable meal while basking in the luxurious surroundings. With countless activities on offer for guests during their stay, the Sala at the heart of the villa serves as an exquisite entertainment space with all modern amenities.

And, should guests wish to take a stroll along old alleys and streets to truly immerse themselves in Thai culture, the old city of Chiang Mai has much to offer. With centuries-old temples, magnificent pagodas and markets selling local wares and handicraft, guests will have the best of both worlds. After a day of leisure walking and sightseeing, they can simply unwind by X2 Chiang Mai South Gate Villa’s poolside or indulge in a relaxing swim.

Now, isn’t that enticing!

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