Tech is now ‘Eastbound’

Nitesh Kakkar, COO, Eastbound Discoveries, claims that the company is now changing the perception of travel through ‘voluntourism’, while also adopting new technology.

TT Bureau

Eastbound Discoveries, as an entity of Eastbound Group, is an extended arm focused on creating tailor-made, sustainable, and experience-rich luxury products for the world’s leading travel brands, shares Nitesh Kakkar. “Eastbound Discoveries is a young and dynamic company where we strive to achieve excellence on two major fronts: unmatched travel experiences and immaculate teamwork. This has helped us carve a niche in delivering unparalleled products and experiences,” he adds.

We put a lot of effort into retaining and engaging our current partners through trainings and educational programmes

With changing demands of travellers, Eastbound has also changed its offerings. “At Eastbound, we understand the pivotal role technology has played and will continue to play. It has completely revolutionised the way travellers look at a destination. Therefore, we have embraced this change by installing a state-of-the-art system and a dynamic business model, which has allowed us to consistently deliver the highest quality of service with maximum speed and detailed precision. Technology has also helped us reduce communication time between our partners working in different time zones,” claims Kakkar. He insists that their aim is to market India as a destination suitable for all age demographics, with a focus on local experiences.

Eastbound continues to expand its footprint into new markets by introducing its latest products through webinars and trainings. “We have also changed the way we reach out to our partners. We are promoting ‘voluntourism’, through which we are promoting a new perception of travel. We put a lot of effort into retaining and engaging our current partners through regular training and educational programmes,” he says.

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