Taking pride in heritage

Digraj Singh Shahpura, Director, Shahpura Hotels talks about his plans of carrying forward the legacy of his company by setting his targets on heritage cities.

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With three existing heritage hotels in Jaipur, Shahpura Hotels is set to come up with new properties in five other cities of Rajasthan. In the first phase, the company is planning expansion in Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Kumbhalgarh, followed by Delhi and Agra in the second. Talking about his plans, Digraj Singh Shahpura, Director, Shahpura Hotels says that he is looking to expand his portfolio of hotels at major tourist attractions. “As we already have two properties in our assets, we are now looking to invest and have one more in Udaipur. We are also looking forward to take management rights of the property,” Shahpura said.

“As we already have two properties in our assets, we are now looking to invest and have one more in Udaipur, besides taking management rights of the property”

Insisting on owning and operating only heritage properties, Shahpura says he wants to carry forward the legacy to other historic cities of the country. The company has divided its hotel business in three segments – palaces, boutiques and residences. Talking about introducing residences, he commented, “With an increasing number of budget-oriented clients, we realised that most such travellers don’t want to spend much on accommodation.”

“Equipped with all the modern amenities, all our properties will have spa, swimming pool and a lavish restaurant. Our hotels are known for providing extraordinary services to its customers,” Digraj added.

Explaining details about the upcoming properties, Shahpura says, “We are targeting prime locations around the centre of the city which is also close to tourist spots. Each property would not have more than 50-60 rooms. The pricing would depend upon the type of property, whether it is a palace, boutique or residency. So, we would be targeting all the markets and all segments of travellers; from budget clients to luxury and experiential tourists.”

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