‘Switzerland of Asia’

Sadhguru, who was recently visiting Nepal and Mt. Kailash, emphasised on earmarking Nepal’s tourism industry as a priority sector by the government.

Jagadish Vasudev, venerated as Sadhguru in Nepal for darshan of the holy Mt. Kailash.  He had the darshan from Limi Valley of Humla District from Karnali Province in the North Western part of Nepal.

During the meeting with Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board, Dr.Dhananjay Regmi and prominent Nepali media, Sadhguru shared his experience, “The view is not only spectacular but also inspiring. Nepal can be Switzerland of Asia for its natural beauty with all kinds of diversities. It is a wonderful destination for its Nature, Culture and people”

He praised “Bhaktapur as the most unique city on the planet” and requested all concerned to preserve the sanctity and originality of Nepali culture and tradition.

He emphasized the urgency of earmarking Nepal’s tourism industry as a prioritized sector by the government. Highlighting the sustainability of tourism sector, he stressed it would be an injustice to rich tourism products and God’s gifts endowed onto Nepal, if its contribution to national GDP does not reach as high as 30%. Sadhguru claimed India will always be a major tourism market for Nepal and Indians are interested to visit this beautiful country be it for Pilgrimage, or for Adventure or for MICE and holiday breaks.

Meanwhile Regmi updated Sadhguru about NTB’s efforts of promoting Nepal in Indian markets as spiritual destination, and the destination for the holistic health of body, mind and soul. He expressed gratitude to Sadhguru on behalf of the whole tourism fraternity of Nepal for visiting and promoting it as a great tourism destination even in the middle of COVID pandemic and for inspiring Nepalese people to spirituality and meditation.


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