Say ‘hello’ to changing times

In a bid to fulfil the changing demands of the travel industry, Catabatic Technology’s helloGTX software could just be the one-stop shop for today’s travel agencies.


In a market flooded with B2B products, CRM tools and travel software; helloGTX – the profit multiplier is an entirely new ecosystem for travel agents that has low cost of ownership with high returns, says Gaurav Kumar Gupta, Founder-CEO, Catabatic Technology. “For a travel agency, using multiple software is not practical due to high cost in terms of money but time as well. What makes helloGTX different from the market is our approach and intent behind building the software that is to reduce operational cost and increase the profitability of a travel agency with long-term sustainability. We built a single platform to manage tour package sourcing, selling, itinerary creation, CRM, networking, marketing, suppliers, payments, collections, website, tour distribution, B2B and B2C as well as back office,” he claims.

“What makes helloGTX different from the market is our approach and intent behind building the software in an objective to reduce the operational cost”

According to him, it will be a boon for clients. “Tour selling is a high-ticket business and needs personal assistance. helloGTX enables both new and existing travel agencies to offer customer delight at an ease with the help of technology,” adds Gupta. He claims that the needs in the travel technology have changed owing to customer expectations that have grown dramatically and technology is acting as a catalyst. “In the past, when customers had a query he was ready to wait for few days but now they have multiple options. Travel agents can’t afford to delay in responding to customers’ needs, lest they lose their customers and blame the technology or OTAs. Meeting their expectation is not a big challenge if agents can adopt the technology and can work with it. If agents’ expertise can work with Big Data, AI and Machine Learning, they can surpass the customer expectations. We at Catabatic learned this quite long back and built helloGTX platform to enable travel agents to become nextGEN travel agency,” he shares.

Talking about today’s clients, he says, “Our clients are our partners as we both complement each other. For us, sales is about enabling partnerships of mutual growth through consistent deliveries and this helped us to understand the changing needs of the market. We have realised that most of these needs are not big or complex, but how to build it in technology so that it solves the actual problems of the travel agents. We have recently added few modules like supplier’s directory, network deals in addition to dynamic package and build one’s own packages based on the feedback of our partners.”


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