Recognising industry experts

Arabian Travel Awards are set to be held in Dubai on 25 October 2023, and will once again recognise the players making outstanding contribution to the industry’s growth in the Middle East.

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Arabian Travel Awards is a platform for the Middle East market to appreciate the efforts of the travel, tourism and hospitality specialists, who have contributed to the booming travel, tourism and hospitality industry. It is an invitation only event to be held at the Sofitel Downtown Dubai on 25 October 2023. The aim is to encourage them to continue promoting travel, tourism and hospitality in the region.

The Arabian Travel Awards are fair and unbiased, following a systematic method of internet-based voting. These awards are supported by, and TRAVTALK, who are premier media partners for the event’s coverage. The awards will be divided into four categories: Personal Awards, Business Awards, Trending Awards and Partner Awards. They will include awards for Best Business Hotel, Best Family Friendly Hotel, Best City Hotel, Best Green Hotel, Best Leisure Hotel, Best Destination Management Company, Best Hotel Apartments, Best B2B Travel Portal, and Best Luxury Hotel to name a few.

SanJeet, Mentor, Arabian Travel Awards shares, “Our awards have been evolving over the years to recognize the untiring efforts of the industry experts. This year will be the first time that we can finally say that we are back on track, especially with the UAE recording numbers higher than the pre-pandemic era. In today’s travel, tourism and hospitality landscape there are many changes and new trends that have emerged. As UAE declared this year as the year of sustainability and carrying forward their legacy to become the host nation for COP28, this is indeed a time when responsible travel, tourism and hospitality also steps in to make it a more conscious destination. Applications are still open to vote for those in the industry and who have been in the forefront of promoting and working to go over and beyond the general norms of the industry. Middle East has always been the most resilient region, especially the UAE and Dubai in particular set an example to all the destinations of the world on how to move forward and achieve in every possible way. The public and private partnership in the GCC region provided the industry with a much faster comeback ensuring their commitment to move forward.

Now, it is time to reward the industry experts and their establishments to advance ahead through all obstacles and challenges to a brand-new era in the making in the region.”

If you are yet to vote for your team, this is the right time to do so. Check the website and vote for your leader of the year. Make a difference in the industry and carry forward all the positive trends that have been witnessed. Travel is back on track; new trends emerge every day and looking forward to a more sustainable future is the key in this new era that has all the focus. Once again tourism, travel and hospitality begin their major contribution towards not just the economy of the nation but securing employment and uplifting the standard of life especially in the region.

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