Ready and Jet Set Go for festival season

With the aviation industry slowing inching towards the part of the revival and pre-Covid operations, the upcoming festive season might be the much-needed boost to the industry. Sharing her views, Kanika Tekriwal, CEO & Founder, JetSetGo Aviation decipher queries on how the business is going to be like: 

  1. How are you seeing the business performing during the festival season?

We are observing different kind of trends this festivities, an overall decline in the private charter booking requests has embarked the onset. Irrespective a sudden rise in the charters industry soon after the pandemic and otherwise, people seem less enthusiastic to travel for festivals across.

The factors impacting their decision is of course multiple such as, no long weekends, pandemic, irregularities in different states and countries for travel, distorted faith in travelling again etc. However, most importantly, this time, most people are already on a semi -holiday and travelling or working from anywhere. Due to which, we are seeing an overall decline in travel this season as compare with the last. If compared with last year, in October, we are seeing only 65% of bookings this year with a decline in revenue of 20% for festive. However, we are optimistic on receiving more requests near Diwali.

  1. Do you give any offers/ promotions etc to enhance sales?

Being into a private aviation space we do provide customisation services and packages/offers to cater to the needs of our guests. Details about them as follows:

  1. JetSteals program: This program allows our guests to experience private charter at a lower cost with the help of our empty legs offers/ deals. These offers allow more accessibility to those needing to travel at a much lower price than usual. JetSteals gives an option to fly privately or on a shared basis depending upon the flight type.

Few examples of our empty leg flights are:

  1. Begumpet to New Delhi : Price per seat is 75,000, Aircraft – Hawker 850XP
  2. Bangalore to Mumbai: Price per seat – 75000, Aircraft: Falcon 2000
  3. Bangalore to Mumbai: Price per aircraft – 700000, aircraft: Falcon 2000
  4. Mumbai to Chennai : price per aircraft -725000, aircraft: Hawker 900XP

Please note: The cost is not fixed here and may change according to multiple factors such as client needs, type of aircraft etc.

  1. Increased preferred partner program: To enable our existing guests to take advantage of similar luxury experiences. We have partnered with/ in the process of partnering with resorts such as Evolve Back resorts for luxury stay during the festival season.
  1. What are the type of customers do you get around festivals

Usually families who want to celebrate festivals with their loved ones. The ones who want to return home who were stationed elsewhere or the ones who would want to take their families for a short 2-3 day getaways during the festival holidays. These families are mostly of HNI or UHNI’s.

  1. Where do they go? What are the most popular destinations

Usually popular sectors for travelling amidst festivities are Goa, Jaipur, Kolkata, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Male, Dubai, Kathmandu, Koh Samui, Phuket, Singapore, Bangkok and Mauritius. With a special mention to Kolkata city that host private jets regularly during Durga Puja. We have our guests who have year after year booked private jets with us to attend Pushpanjali quickly and get back to their homes in hours’ time, such flights has been popular with us every year and gives aid to people who constantly struggle with time and have requirements to visit multiple cities in a day be it a professional or a personal reason. This year we have bookings of only 07 such flights as compared with 32 flights last year we did at the time of Durga Puja. Also, most people book their Diwali holiday flights with us quite in advance of 3 months. This year, however, due to the uncertainty from past 6-7 months we are observing delays in our flight bookings for Diwali.

  1. What is different that you are doing this time?

This year, our aim is to ensure 100% safety methodologies in place towards our commitment in providing the best bespoke services in the industry. For a business like ours it is very important to advocate that we are the safest option available when it comes to luxurious flying.

We work on SMART management program which basically translates into agile flexible operations, allowing us to adapt and change to circumstances very quickly and swiftly.  Each and every point has been mapped across the delivery process. Various mock drills have been conducted to study the effectiveness of the SOP’s and corrections are made accordingly. We have ensured on how we are going to facilitate guests, their baggage, their catering, aircraft interior, etc. Our team have gone through internal training to sanitize aircraft personally before and after every flight. Instead of consistently dictating the way we operate, we are working with our guests to know how they would want to travel with us, what are their expectations as well as what makes them feel the safest. Our SOP revolves around our inputs from our guests as well as some of the country’s best medical practitioners.

  1. Why are people preferring travelling from private jets

With COVID a lot has changed and the sentiments regarding the spirit of festivals has also changed. As much as people want to celebrate festivals like before, there are certain restrictions and constrains in going out all loud. However, At JetSetGo we have offerings that would let you do just that. We believe there is no need to skip vising your loved ones or spending quality time with them in a place you would cherish a lifetime. We provide customisation and thorough sanitisation procedures for the guests to feel safe and have a hassle- free experience with us. We move one step ahead in ensuring minimal touch points that our guests might have to face during their journey reducing to as low as 20 -30% ensuring maximum safety with the help of our dedicated team that are 24*7 available and practising ways to deliver the best in class services. Due to such an enhanced commitment we are optimistic that people would prefer travelling from private jets.

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