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Travadda Connect, an innovation of travadda.com, is an AI-driven lead generation and distribution platform to simplify and scale up B2B travel and tourism business globally. The cost-efficient platform generates authentic leads or enquiries in the B2B travel business, swiftly creating liaison between buyers and suppliers.

Travadda Connect is not a marketplace where the user can display, buy or sell any travel products, but a purely B2B enquiry distribution channel to boost the B2B travel business in an economical way. Here, registered buyers initiate or post an enquiry related to travel that is auto-forwarded to multiple registered suppliers directly, in their mailbox. Every enquiry gets auto-filtered and unified with supplier business category, location, services, product and source market through unbiased automation and distribution. The enquiry management system is well-equipped with real-time updates and in-site features like View, Action, Rating, Remark, Reminder, Reports, which help both users to track every enquiry and its result. Buyers and suppliers can send or receive unlimited enquiries without any additional cost or transactional fee.


It is proven that suppliers spend four times more on sales and marketing to build a B2B network and achieve business leads or enquiries. Similarly, buyers spend four times more in manual research searching for appropriate suppliers, and often end up selecting the wrong suppliers. Both buyers and suppliers find it difficult to reach each other due to a lack of information or budget strains. Many a time, buyers are unaware of the existence of potential and active suppliers, therefore many suppliers fail to receive authentic business leads or communicate with buyers, losing the opportunity to quote against enquiries, compete and convert leads to business.

Travadda Connect helps travel trade buyers minimise research time in finding accurate supplier category and avail competitive quotations from multiple suppliers simultaneously. It also helps B2B suppliers maximise high-quality business leads and minimise sales and marketing costs, all the while saving on marketing and sales spends. This time-saving automation accelerates B2B outreach against a reasonably-priced membership plan for users. This state-of-the-art technology also helps B2B buyers with an automated pre-defined inquiry form that captures detailed inputs specifying the exact requirements, supplier category, service and product, etc., at a global scale. All enquiries get auto-forwarded to registered suppliers as per the categories specified by buyers with the help of a robust automation process.

This unbiased setup distributes prospective leads or enquiries equally to all registered suppliers with absolute privacy. Travadda Connect does not interfere in any business conversion nor charges any commission on the sale. Its highly insightful reporting system helps users with real-time updates and notifications. Built-in statistical data for every single enquiry can be extracted and mapped against their CRM with ease.

The core purpose of Travadda Connect is to turn an adversity into an opportunity. Travadda Connect offers a unique and economical annual membership plan for users that helps suppliers save a lot on marketing and sales spends. Likewise, it helps buyers save a lot of time and effort spent on researching for a reliable and trustworthy supplier.

The portal helps users to connect, interact and convert numerous leads into businesses across the world.

What users get in return

  • Send & receive unlimited enquiries to/from multiple buyers or suppliers without any additional cost
  • Save time, money and workforce connecting with buyers & suppliers to initiate or acquire every enquiry
  • Strictly focus on business conversions and increase business reach in the B2B travel domain
  • Earn reward credit from the referral programme & reward points on supplier ratings
  • Cost-effective in-site display advertisement for suppliers with an attractive rate
  • Free sub-login ID for buyers up to 10 users

How to associate

Register with Travadda Connect on https://connect.travadda.com and get started with an annual membership plan designed for your business.



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