Oz incentivising Indian corporates

Australia stands ready to captivate and welcome corporates with its distinctive charm and unparalleled offerings. The island nation offers a perfect blend of incentives, accessibility, accommodation, experiences, and streamlined visa processes to attract Indian corporates, says Nishant Kashikar, Country Manager – India and the Middle East, Tourism Australia.

Janice Alyosius

The Indian economy, currently the fastest-growing economy globally, is projected to become the third largest in the world within a few years. Consequently, corporates are expected to incentivise their employees, dealers, and stakeholders with international trips as part of their reward programmes. To capitalise on this potential, destinations around the world are targeting Indian corporates by offering them new and attractive offerings.

Nishant Kashikar, Country Manager – India and the Middle East, Tourism Australia, sheds light on the burgeoning popularity of Australia as a destination for M!CE visits and outlines key reasons driving this surge in corporate interest. He says that Tourism Australia and Business Events Australia are offering a significant incentive for corporates through the Bid Fund Program. “When corporates engage with us during the bidding process and bring groups of nearly 700 or more, contributing over three million dollars to the Australian economy, they are eligible to apply for the Business Event Bid Fund,” he says. He added that the initiative serves as a compelling incentive for corporates to choose Australia for their events.

He says the accessibility to Australia has significantly improved, facilitating smoother travel for corporate attendees. “In 2019, we had eight flights per week between India and Australia; now, we have almost 28 flights per week, with Qantas and Singapore Airlines returning to almost 100 per cent of their pre-COVID capacity,” he adds. Increase in supply of accommodation options and experiences in Australia is also a factor for Indian corporates to choose Australia. “Recently, over 200 new hotels have opened, providing almost 20,000 new rooms for corporate travellers. So, that is another reason why corporates should consider Australia,” he says.

Australia’s appeal extends beyond conventional conference halls, offering a plethora of unique experiences and iconic venues. From hosting events at legendary sites like the Melbourne Cricket Ground or the Sydney Opera House to engaging in adventurous activities like climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge or surfing lessons, Australia promises to be an ideal destination for corporate gatherings. Moreover, one of the most significant advantages Australia offers is its streamlined visa process. Emphasising on the efficiency and convenience of obtaining an Australian business visa, Kashikar says that the process to obtain the visa is 100 per cent online, with no biometrics or personal interviews required. “This hassle-free approach, coupled with swift turnaround times, eliminates bureaucratic hurdles and ensures a seamless experience for corporate travellers,”
he adds.



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