Outsourced solutions help hotels

Outsourcing sales and marketing activities can provide independent hotels and resorts an expert panel working for  them so that they can focus on keeping their guests happy. Zuper Hotel Solutions offers such tailor-made packages  for boutique and mainstream hotels and resorts.

Hazel Jain

Ever thought of making your own dream resort or hotel? Zuper Hotel Solutions will ensure your dreams and ROIs are captured, says Akaal Manchanda, Director of Operations, Zuper Hotel Solutions.“Independent hotels should outsource their marketing and sales activities in today’s fast-paced age. The right marketing company can add a jetpack to your progress. With a client base already set in the market, the right association can propel you right into the target audience which directly impacts your revenue flow,” he says. When hotels outsource, they get an expert panel working for them while they focus on their core passion of hospitality and keeping guests happy. Manchanda adds, “Independent hotels often cannot hire the best talent due to various factors which are bypassed when they outsource their sales and marketing activities. Zuper Hotel Solutions offers tailor-made packages for boutique and mainstream hotels and resorts. We follow the AAPER process – Audit, Analyse, Propose, Execute, Retain.This means we follow multiple guidelines while getting hotels and resorts on-board with a thorough audit and analysis process. This process follows up with a corrections and suggestions round, post which the budgets are finalised with the core team and an execution plan is drafted. This is where the real action begins and we ensure your target market along with the ever supporting trade circuit get to know about the new brand on-board, having executed multiple campaigns we know how to take lead.”

Speaking on how this product is different from the marketing companies already in the market, he says, “Various marketing companies present in the market will not take the load of sales and targets. We are here to accept the challenge and offer pay as per performance packages. We have developed a host of services to ensure the unit does not need to jump windows. We take the responsibility of various departments and are accountable for the same. We have turned around, launched and retained some of the best properties around.” Zuper Hotel Solutions is currently associated with The O Hotel Pune and Goa, The Oxford Golf Resort, Tropical Retreat at Igatpuri, The Forest Club at Karjat, Seashell Beach Suites & Villas at Goa, Shambhalah Resort at Mahabaleshwar, and The One Lonavala. It is coming up at five new locations this year.

Manchanda adds, “Our client base and the trust factor we have developed with years of hard work starts the winning streak for new properties that come on board, from the country’s top corporates to travel firms we work hand-in-hand with all of them. Our M!CE and Weddings vertical plays a major role in achieving desired revenues. Our team enjoys goodwill in the market which helps us achieve goals.”

Advantages of associating with Zuper

Best talent on-board

Assured revenue packages

Vast trade network

Corporate presence

Lean overheads

Pay as per performance packages



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