Mobile app for emergency aid

India Assist is an innovative system that provides emergency assistance to travellers. With its expansion plans, it is set to become a crucial player in the emergency assistance market for travellers.

Janice Alyosius

Travelling is a way of life for many people, whether it’s for business or pleasure. When people plan their travels, they usually book flights, hotels, and other travel-related services. However, there is one aspect that is often overlooked, and that is emergency assistance. In case of an emergency, travellers often find themselves without any centralized system to reach out for help. This is where India Assist comes into the picture. It is a system for travellers that provides emergency assistance whenever they need it.

The mobile application

India Assist is a mobile application that travellers can download on their smartphones, shares Harish Khatri, Founder and MD, India Assist. “Travellers can connect to India Assist’s call centre by pressing a button on the mobile application. Based on the traveller’s requirement, India Assist provides assistance as per its own protocols. The system is very user-friendly and has six-seven buttons, each with a name such as medical emergency unit, police support unit, lost and found support, transit support, lodging-boarding support, and 24×7 helpdesk,” Khatri explains.

Lack of awareness

One of the biggest challenges faced by India Assist is the lack of awareness and acceptance of emergency assistance in the tourism sector. “The concept of emergency assistance is relatively new, and it took some time for people to realize its importance. However, over time, people have started appreciating India Assist’s services, and there has been a growing acceptance of the importance of emergency assistance in the tourism sector,” he informs.

Collaboration for expansion

India Assist is working with travel agents across India for the expansion of its services.







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