Meghalaya eyes 15L tourists

Keeping sustainable tourism in mind, Meghalaya is determined to welcome more than 15 lakh tourists by the end of 2024. Here are the measures the state has been taking to attract visitors.

TT Bureau

Meghalaya has been working on a master plan to develop its tourist routes keeping sustainable tourism in mind. The state’s leaders have set their sights on the opportunity that tourism offers by establishing it as a regulated sector of the economy. Since Meghalaya became an independent state, its Tourism Department has worked to cultivate favourable conditions to attract visitors from all over the world.

The aim is to invest more capital in the industry and build stronger ties to financial institutions, as well as a focus on capacity training for stakeholders. There is a wealth of educated people and resources in Meghalaya that might help support the delivery systems, and the state’s natural scenery is stunning. The government has made it a priority to foster tourism’s growth so that it may become a significant contributor to the state’s GDP.

Foot traffic from tourists was 12.7 lakh in 2019, and it is anticipated that this number will exceed 15 lakh by 2024. While the number of tourists visiting the area is growing, efforts are being made to enhance the facilities in a way that is environmentally friendly. A comprehensive study of the tourism industry has shed light on problems, one of which is a lack of adequate accommodation options.

The federal and state governments are also making efforts to promote Meghalaya as a destination, with a focus on a variety of elements including adventure, culture, and sustainable and ethical tourism. The government of Meghalaya, together with other government and non-government organisations, has put on a number of events to entice tourists. The government has implemented initiatives, such as encouraging ecotourism and locally developed products, with the goal of making tourism more sustainable.

In addition to these events, the government has launched programs to improve the tourist industry’s infrastructure and train workers to serve visitors better. The department’s mission training partners include IL&FS Education, B-ABLE, Avenues, ETPL India, IHM & FCI. These collaborating organisations have extensive experience at both the national and international levels, making them ideal for supporting the tourism mission.


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