Looking beyond a vanilla platform

With a strong proposition for its hospitality partners, Tripjack is focused on offering rich content to the travel agents with an aggressive focus on hotels over the next 12-18 months as their distribution partner. The platform is also looking to expand outside India starting with Middle East.

Tripjack is a one-stop shop for quick, real-time bookings in travel and hospitality, is popular with travel agents, corporations, and major businesses. From a commercial standpoint, the network’s reach of 30,000+ travel partners across the country, as well as a robust distribution over 2,200+ tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 cities, makes it an appealing platform for hospitality partners to be present on.

Hasan Patel, Director, Tripjack, says, “We have built up a robust partner network of leading channel managers to offer seamless connectivity for hotels. Adding to seamless integration, we also serve our clients 24X7, 365 days a year ensuring good customer experience. Our focus is to empower hospitality partners with a technology platform that helps them increase their visibility and business, specifically designed to this unique customer segment. The platform includes the right set of tools to distribute, market and service.”

Benefits to hotels

Tripjack offers a host of benefits that include, connectivity with leading channel managers, flexible and hotel friendly payment plans, multiple options for hotels to promote their property across its marketing channels, industry-leading support team, and flexible approach in-tune with the dynamic hospitality requirements. Tripjack also adheres to hotel’s rate strategy guidelines and rate parity protocols. Patel claims, “Tripjack’s tech platform goes much beyond a vanilla transactional platform and empowers hotels to achieve much more with access to group and packaging products, marketing tools and cross sell functionality.”

“The response from hotels has been phenomenal,” Patel says of the feedback Tripjack has received. Our industry is going through a difficult period, and we can assist hotels in regaining business by improving their distribution strategy. As a result, hotels are eager to work with a reputable, long-standing brand that gives them the control and flexibility to manage their distribution on their own terms. In addition, collaborating with a B2B travel provider allows hotels to diversify their distribution and reduce their dependency on a single channel.”

Future ready

Patel says that as one of the largest flight consolidators in the country, Tripjack wants to extend the same leadership position to hotels. “Our vision is to build a comprehensive and tech-enabled travel ecosystem for our partners and take a multi-product strategy, over the next 12-18 months. We want to expand to regions outside India starting with M.E. early next year,” he says.

Post-pandemic strategy

Patel shares his game plan for the coming year and says, “Covid has had an impact on the global travel industry, including us, but on the hindsight, we used the downtime to build efficiencies in our business and focused on our product and tech in a big way.” Patel says that the team is excited for the future. “One thing is for sure – to stay ahead of the curve, businesses will have to reinvent themselves, and the same applies to us. We do have some interesting projects in development. We want to provide a more fulfilling experience to our travel agent family,” he adds.

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