Kerala revamps district portals

State Tourism Minister recently launched the revamped websites of all the 14 District Tourism Promotion Councils (DTPCs) in Kerala, offering quick access to information on tourism attractions.

TT Bureau

P A Mohamed Riyas, Tourism Minister, Kerala, has launched the new DTPC website packed with information and images. He said that with the advent of social media, it is vital to draw on cutting-edge technologies while developing and updating online platforms providing tourism information.

The updated DTPC websites are stacked with a lot of information on diverse attractions awaiting the visitors across Kerala. These websites are designed in a highly attractive manner, enabling tourists to effortlessly navigate through them, for choosing the places they want to visit and make use of facilities available in each location, said the minister.

“In an age when the fast-paced growth of IT has a great influence on people, identifying its possibilities is vital to the growth of Kerala’s Tourism sector. So, updating and upgrading technological platforms like websites using most modern technology is vital for promotion of tourism in the state,” he added.

Kerala Tourism has revamped its websites after 20 years, showcasing the distinct features of each of the 14 districts to the world. Riyas added, “This also reflects the efforts of the State Tourism Department to adapt itself to the global transformations. DTPCs form an important branch of the Tourism Department. The revamped websites will enable each district’s tourism activities to be coordinated in a better way. Apart from providing details regarding each district’s tourist locales, the website also makes navigation easier for the tourists.”

The minister has also urged the secretaries of 14 DTPCs to add more details on websites regarding events and places of cultural and historical significance, besides highlighting the Keralites’ hospitality and communal harmony to attract more visitors.



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