ITQ to give ClearTrip tech boost

InterGlobe Technology Quotient, Travelport’s official partner in India, initiates a contract with Cleartrip, one of the country’s top online travel firms, to provide Travelport’s cutting-edge travel technology solutions to the online travel company, share ITQ officials.


Anil Parashar, Chief Executive Officer, ITQ, talking about his company, said, “It is evident that we are the top company in India Market, and while our market share will grow, we will become a dominant player in the OTA (Online Travel Aggregator) space where all OTAs will use our technology. That proves, our customer service and technologies are among the top when compared to other players. Since Cleartrip is among the OTAs in this market that we believe is expanding the fastest. Additionally, we believe that their consumer-focused strategy will be particularly beneficial to us.”

Sandeep Dwivedi, Chief Operating Officer, ITQ, talking about the tie-up with Cleartrip, said, “As travel flourishes all around the world, this is an exciting moment to establish new relationships.

We are happy to have partnered with Cleartrip, a well-known company in the business.” He expressed hope for a solid and profitable partnership with the online travel company.

Dwivedi said, “In accordance with the multi-agreement ITQ has signed with ClearTrip, we are happy to inform you that we will make GDS connection available on the platform of the travel company. This implies that everyone using ClearTrip to make a reservation will be assessing the content via Travelport.”

Understanding VR3

Dwivedi said that ITQ’s innovation team has created a combination of products called VR3 – which stands for void, reissue, refund, and cancellations. These products assist in automation, especially from the standpoint of the consumer since everything is in their hands and they can handle everything on the screen of an OTA app.

“Therefore, ITQ goods assist consumers understand the market’s realities and that kind of confidence is very helpful to them,” he added.

New Innovations

Parashar said that they have really made use of this unique situation to innovate and start thinking about what they can do for their customers and how ITQ can assist their travel agents in becoming more technology savvy.

He had mentioned VR3 earlier and that was one of the products there. However, ITQ has significantly innovated in this field, particularly from the perspective of the consumer. But other than that, they concentrated a lot on ways to improve searches and user experiences. Consumers, according to Dwivedi, want flexible booking options and swift demand responses.

Top trends

There are many trends emerging as a result of the pandemic, including how consumers want to consider their booking flexibility and how they may adjust to the changes. If there are certain schedules, alterations must be made. For instance, they want to make a quick date modification, reprint and respond. That demand really decreased really quickly, and ITQ created their own product.

Expansion plans

ITQ is currently functioning at around 60 per cent to 65 per cent of pre-COVID levels internationally, and has already surpassed pre-COVID levels domestically. Due in large part to the signing of new customers, Parashar believes that by the end of the year they will be able to function at 100 per cent pre-COVID levels gloabally as well.

The domestic market has nearly fully recovered, and there has been a big increase in demand, according to Parashar. With some of the countries, like China, remaining closed, visa issues and other travel-related challenges continue to be huge issues. Although domestic travel has nearly recovered to the pre-pandemic levels, this is having an impact on international travel, he said.






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