Investing in future, says Gosain

Ravi Gosain, who has invested in travel technology company TravStack, claims that it is a one-stop solution for travel companies looking towards optimising resources and bring in more efficiency.

TT Bureau

TravStack (Gutsytech Travel Solutions Pvt Ltd), a travel technology Startup, has onboarded Ravi Gosain, MD, Erco Travels, Tourism Enterprises and Saffron World B.V. & Vice President, IATO, as a strategic investor and growth consultant. The company by 2nd time founders from IITs and other premiere institutes, is based out of Bengaluru and backed by Singapore Tourism Board.

New road

Speaking about the new role, Gosain, said, “Technology plays an important part in our lives, and travel is not different from that. I was thinking to do something with technology for a long time and was waiting for the right opportunity. I got a great opportunity with a Travstack, which has very innovative solutions for travel agencies, tour operators and all the professionals engaged with the tourism industry. I believe that in the coming years, it will change the life of travel agents and tour operators in the way they are working. Hence, it’s more of helping them in doing their business, optimising resources and work effectively. Hence, I am very happy to be a part of Travstack now as a strategic investor.”

Expanding horizons

He further shared that the role would require him to mentor Travstack for growth. “I will push them in travel and tourism industry not only in India but worldwide. My role will be to set up a strategy for marketing, promotions and connecting Travstack with different associations and plan webinars, seminars or physical presentations, so that people are aware of the use of this technology for their benefit. Currently, I am making a marketing plan and I am confident because the founders are from IIT background. They are thinking far ahead and my participation with them is complementing what they wanted to do for the travel industry. Hence, I am giving my experience of travel and tourism and they are bringing it and transforming into technology. Thus, it will be a great mix and I think there will be a lot of success and promotions.”


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