Industry vying for repeat visits

The Indian traveller is evolving and making repeat visits to a destination they want to discover in a different way, for a different reason. Industry leaders share their views.

Neil Patil, Founder, CTO & COO, Veena World
Repeat travel has become an increasingly popular trend for us, especially to destinations like Australia and Japan. A crucial factor contributing to this is the streamlined visa process, particularly the provision of multi-entry, multi-year tourist visas for Indian travellers in many cases. These visas offer unprecedented flexibility and ease, allowing for multiple trips.

Valmiki Harikishan, Founder & Managing Partner, Valmiki Travel & Tourism Solutions
Destinations around the world must focus on adding new attractions and experiences to lure travellers, so that they revisit them. Luxury need not be solely about pampering the senses with high-end brands and pricing; it can be affordable while still providing a personal touch to guests. Leisure is the future, surpassing alll other segments of travel purposes.

Birju Gariba, Founder, ISKRA Events
The new mantra of this generation is ‘Travel Explore, Eat, Repeat’. Indeed, the power of Instagram has opened the floodgates of international travel. The Goa of yesteryears has become Dubai, Thailand, Bali and so on for long weekend getaways and special occasion celebrations. Travel is the new currency and investment of Generation Z. Singapore, Dubai and Bali are classic destinations which have successfully decoded what the traveller needs.

Sameer Karnani, Managing Director, Arunodaya Travels
People are always looking for new places to explore. I feel they may travel to same destination only after a long gap like revisiting the destination as an adult to relive your childhood unforgettable memories or revisit with your children. Short-haul destinations get repeat travellers, but again they tend to stay in different hotels or visit new attractions. People tend to relate luxury travel to staying at expensive hotels or eating at good restaurants.

Anshu Tejuja, Managing Director, Ashoka Dream Holidays
Repeat travel for international destinations is indeed a reality. Many factors contribute to this phenomenon, including positive past experiences, unique attractions, cultural appeal, and the desire to explore more aspects of a destination. Effective marketing strategies, ongoing developments, and a welcoming atmosphere play crucial roles in encouraging travellers to return. For this, destinations must offer unique experiences.

Sheetal Munshaw, Director India, Atout France
While people love discovering new places, they also love revisiting and visiting places that they are fond of. We have seen many travellers revisit different destinations in France over the years. We have visitors who prefer going back to the same city again or discovering a different part of France such as the verdant Loire Valley, Burgundy, and Normandy. We have had many repeat travellers who have chosen to revisit Paris multiple times.

Muhammad Patel, Director, Atlas Tours & Travels
Yes, repeat travel is a reality now. Our clients are always looking to enjoy different experiences like cultural activities, adventure and nature lovers are always drawn to particular international destinations and choose to explore them repeatedly. To encourage this, countries must develop and promote exclusive experiences that are unique to the destination. For example: private tours, personalized services, or opening up a restricted area.

Nishant Patel , Managing Partner, The Grand Vacationist
Once a vacationist, always a vacationist. Only their travel needs, reasons, and expectations mature over time. We have observed that once their travel goals reach to around 60 per cent of their bucket list, the traveller reaches maturity and starts to repeat the destinations, and there can be considerable reasons for it, but in a nutshell – a repeat destination provides the traveller with the comfort of familiarity.

Srijit Nair, General Manager – EMEA & India, Rail Europe
Rail Europe has strategically observed a consistent trend of repeat travellers drawn to Europe’s distinguished destinations—Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The key to attracting luxury and leisure travellers repeatedly lies in offering an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our customers appreciate the experience of exploring these countries through regional trains which conveniently transport them.

Bhavesh Oza, VP – International Market, Blue Star Air Travel Services
The world has so much to offer – so many countries, multiple cities, so many attractions and experiences to see and witness that it becomes difficult for a traveller to repeat a destination. There are a few set of countries like Dubai, Thailand, Singapore in the Asian region where passengers tend to repeat their holidays, but by and large a large percentage of our client base don’t repeat the destination after having visited once.

Beena Menon, Partner, Beautiful Planet, Destination Marketing
Certain leisure travellers may visit international countries repeatedly. However, they may not travel to the same state or county within that country again. The affluent and experienced Indian traveller is hungry for new experiences and is also strapped for time. They prioritize their travel so as to experience new destinations, cuisines, accommodation options and more, and may not travel to the same destination more than once.

Varun Godia, Manager – Product Development Varun Worldwide Vacations
Repeat travel is very much a reality, especially for short-haul destinations like Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka and for destinations where VFR is big, such as the USA, the UK and Australia. We have definitely seen a trend where families are keen to return to a specific resort, as it becomes a comfort zone. For a destination to attract repeat customers, it needs to reinvent itself frequently with new attractions, resorts or F&B offerings.

Tejbir Singh Anand, Founder & Managing Director Holiday Moods Adventures
Any business which does not have a repeat travel or any destination which does not have travellers coming back might face the challenge of survival. To be sustainable, it is key to have loyal travellers coming back to the destination and similarly for the agents to have a firm set of clients who believe in their services. Aspiring to be a luxury destination is a strategic decision and can only be attained with the long-term vision.

Rajat Sawhney, Director, Rave Tours & Travels
Repeat travel is not exactly the reality now. People are essentially looking for newer options and destinations, exploring various places, whether domestic or international. For luxury travels, if a person desires true luxury, they must opt for different kinds of accommodations—more luxurious ones. This is a crucial element. Regarding leisure, there should be more activities in that area.

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