‘India ready for business’

Rakesh Verma, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Tourism (MOT), says that the industry conducting physical events has helped build confidence in people and that revival is not too far ahead.

Nisha Verma

Rakesh Verma has said that as tourism opens, the MOT must support the industry. “The MOT needs to support the industry in terms of new growth markets, putting the entire ecosystem in place, or digitalisation of different segments including attractions and destinations, because that will bring a lot of productivity gain and many benefits to both the industry and the Ministry. Hence, that will remain one of the focus areas,” he shared.

Speaking on the sidelines of ITM Virtual 2021, he said that they have received good response for the NIDHI scheme. “We have around 38,000 units registered on the NIDHI platform. We are talking to OTAs and other partners that we can create a common shareable database with, so that it’s a win-win proposition for everyone. Once we have this comprehensive database, it will give us a much better picture of and insights into the industry. This will help us in making those policies that can help promote hospitality and develop this industry. I think it was a long-felt need and we have been successful in making a good beginning. The MOT is also going to carry out an exhaustive survey of units. Hence, all information will get validated. It will be a very good platform for us to help the industry develop further,” Verma added.

And, with the success of ITM in building trust and confidence, he said that India is back in the game and business. A physical ADTOI convention in Gujarat has also helped build confidence further. Concluding, he said, “A thriving tourism industry is vital for India’s journey towards being a 5 trillion-dollar economy. With the mantra of ‘Vocal for Local’, India seeks to be ‘Atmanirbhar’.”



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