ETAA’s 2020-21 National Committee

Jagat Mehta will continue as the President and Board Member, while Dharmesh Advani is the new National General Secretary and Board Member of Enterprising Travel Agent’s Assocation (ETAA).

The Enterprising Travel Agents Association (ETAA) has announced its new National Committee for the term 2020-2021. Jagat Mehta will continue to be the President and Board Member, and Dharmesh Advani is the new National General Secretary and Board Member of ETAA. Meghana Gautam is now Joint General Secretary while Carl Dantas remains Chairman Emeritus and Founder President of ETAA.

During the lockdown, the association conducted 15 webinars for its members on various topics such as CRM, unexplored destinations, insurance, legal compliance, social media, etc. It will continue to organise webinars for its members to impart knowledge and to assist them in growing business. Mehta says, “The association is disappointed with the government as it has not considered any relief packages for the Tourism Industry even after our constant efforts to highlight the problems faced by our industry due to Covid-19. However we are still pursuing the matter, since this effect may last for a significant period in the near future.”

The various Chapter Chairpersons are Sangeeta Manocha (North India), Santosh Khawale (Western India), Koushik Banerjee (East India), Jagadeesh Hanumanthaih (South India) and Nikhil Pargaonkar (Mumbai Region). Abhijit Khadilkar has decided to move on from his post of National General Secretary for ETAA and will now concentrate on growing his business.

National Committee

Western Committee:

Prasad Shett (Vice Chairman), Shripad Deshpande (Advisor Committee), Amol Chilwant (Secretary), Ajeet Deghwekar (Treasurer), Ajinkya Karkande (Sub-committee), Dushyant Desai (Sub-committee), HIteshkumar Taylor (Sub-committee), Ranjeet Shrivastav (Sub-committee), Ashish Mohataa (Sub-committee)

South Committee:

Joyson (Vice Chairman), Aarvind Kumar (Secretary) , Rajendra (Joint Secretary), Princy K D (Joint Secretary), Nandisha (Treasurer), M P Joy (Advisor South India Committee & Head of Membership Committee), Dinesh (Membership Head), Kamal Mehta (Tamil Nadu Incharge), Ishwar Anand (Telengana Incharge).

North Committee:

Saurabh Tuteja (General Secretary), Arush Mittal (Alliance Head), Gaurav Arora (Events Head), Punit Bhasin (Membership Head-Joint Secretary), Dineshkumar (Treaurer),Praveen Ghai (Joint Secretary)

East Committee:

Saurav Agarwal (Secretary), Dibyendu Banerjee (Treasurer), Debojit Banerjee (Membership Development Head), Kunal Guha (Events Head), Chandan Mukherjee (Media & Co-ordinator Head)

Mumbai Committee:

Rohan Shah (Vice Chairman), Gaurang Nayak (Events Head Mumbai), Rajendra Joshi (Sub-committee), Manisha Khemani (Sub-committee)


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