Demand for leisure travel on rise as charter flights gain momentum

Sharing the response from travellers and the rising number of queries the company is getting, Kanika Tekriwal, CEO & Co-Founder, JetSetGo aviation briefs how demand for charter flights is increasing and momentum is shifting from repatriation to leisure tourism.

On the kind of inquiries JetSetGo is getting on charter flights, Tekriwal said, “We are receiving a after every alternate day from travellers who are willing to fly to Goa and other places which are safe and don’t have too many cases. Also, a lot of queries are received from people who want to travel internationally, which recently only resumed. A lot of people are trying to get to places which are safe and help them get the desired and much-awaited holiday.”

She also informed that they were able to operate 50 per cent of their flights from the total requests they received for leisure travel after the domestic travel ban was lifted in the country. On the preference of destinations, she said, “Domestically, we are receiving requests majorly for Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh apart from Goa. Internationally, request to go to Dubai, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Thailand are being received.”

With the current ban on international flights and limited domestic operations, charter flights have seen an instant boost in both interest and demand.

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