Cordelia Cruises celebrates 1 year

As Cordelia Cruises completes one year of sailing, it celebrates the occasion with all its trade partners who have been a part of this incredible journey. ‘It is a proud feeling to have been a part of this milestone,’ says Oneel Verma, COO, Cordelia Cruises, who shares more with TRAVTALK.

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What are your thoughts on the one-year success story of Cordelia Cruises in India?

It is a proud feeling to have been a part of this milestone. Our goal for the Indian market was to carve a niche for domestic cruising and educate our guests and travel partners on domestic sailing and also the fact that it was time we had our very own Indian cruising experience. The response we have received from the West coast and East coast has been truly encouraging. With 100+ sailings and 100,000+ guests in the past one year, we are now more determined than ever to keep marching forward, and keep improving.

Tell us a little about the upcoming festive sailings.

Cordelia Cruises is Indian at heart and what can be more special than recommencing our Mumbai sailings with the auspicious Navratri celebrations. We are thrilled to share everything that we have lined up for our guests for the festive season. We commence the festivities with Navratri celebrations, which will then be followed by Diwali, special screenings for the T20 World Cup, FIFA World Cup and wrapping 2022 with our Christmas Carnival!

With Cordelia Cruises, we are constantly working towards grander celebrations, which are unique. We hope to present a wholesome cruising experience to guests and without a doubt, keeping intact the soul and flavour of India. Everything from the shows, food, infrastructure and everything at Cordelia Cruises is deeply rooted in India.

Are there any special offers that your travel partners can look forward to?

Travel partners are an integral part of the journey ever since our inauguration. We are constantly working towards expressing our gratitude towards our travel partners in the form of special offers, value additions, sharing learnings and much more. The ultimate goal is to work in sync with travel partners and arrive at a juncture that is educating more and more people on cruising and helping them experience an international level cruising with the homegrown flavour intact. To achieve this, we are working in close conjunction with our partners.

Tell us about the First Meet with the first business meet with the travel partners that happened last month.

As Cordelia Cruises completes one year of sailing, with a grateful heart, we wanted to celebrate this moment with everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey.

Travel partners being a vital part of this journey, we wanted to celebrate this milestone with them. The event made it possible for us to share a better understanding of the product with our travel partners and to understand their perspectives better. We had a session where all the members from Cordelia Cruises and the Travel partners came together and discussed the journey so far, challenges from both ends and our plans. For the travel partners this event has been like a learning experience to get a better understanding of the business and functionality of the ship. The idea here is to figure out the best way to collectively promote domestic cruising in India. One of the key highlights was how Cordelia Cruises has brought in Domestic cruising in India and how it is so different from international cruising experience. The two-day event ended with a small award ceremony wherein the travel partners were felicitated by Cordelia Cruises for their support.



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