Concurrent with recovery

After the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture recommended the inclusion of tourism in the Concurrent list of Constitution, the industry is elated and praising the Ministry of Tourism for pushing their case. It is confident that the request will be heard.

Rajiv Mehra, President, IATO

Bringing tourism under the Concurrent List has been a long-standing demand of IATO. There are multiple reasons for which we support these recommendations. Firstly, it will lead to rationalisation of multiple levies on the tourism sector. Secondly, it will lead to better coordination between state governments and the central government vis-a-vis tourism promotion policies. Thirdly, security clearances for visiting some states would be easier to get.

Jyoti Mayal, President, TAAI

We are pleased to know that MOT is pushing our cause. Putting travel and tourism in the Concurrent List would standardise the industry with correct values and ease of business. It would also enable us to be more sustainable and become a stronger, more resilient sector. I would go a step further to say that the states should start looking into the same and not waste any more time mulling over its adoption after it is included in the concurrent list. We need to utilise our strengths to achieve our goal.

PP Khanna, President, ADTOI

It is a very good initiative by MOT to consider putting tourism in the Concurrent List of Constitution. I think, if it gets this status, it would be possible to realise its full potential. This demand has been there for a long time and would only help in ease of doing business and increase our revenue. It will help in increasing employment generation and even recovery of the industry from COVID. We look forward to getting included in the Concurrent List for better prospects.

KB Kachru, Vice President, HAI

We welcome the initiation of a proposal by the Ministry of Tourism for including tourism in the Concurrent List of Constitution. Once implemented, this status will play a key role in post-COVID recovery besides other benefits. Tourism activities and products differ from one state to another. Placing tourism in the Concurrent List will facilitate seamless coordination. This will, perhaps, promote the quick implementation of various schemes and project a pan-India face of Indian tourism.

Gurbaxish Singh Kohli, Vice President, FHRAI

We thank and congratulate the Hon’ble Tourism Minister for accepting to include tourism in the Concurrent List. I believe that by including tourism in the list, the government has opened a great potential for job creation, and Forex and revenue earning. With a pragmatic taxation policy, the exchequer not only stands to earn three times the current earnings by increasing the base, but it also opens employment opportunities.

Input by Nisha Verma



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