Buying zero-risk travel insurance

Even as the world recovers from the pandemic, travel insurance seems more critical than ever amid all the uncertainties. Here are some points agents must be familiar with so that they can assist their clients to choose the most beneficial travel insurances policy.

Numerous safety procedures, travel restrictions and airline guidelines have disrupted the travelling experience. As the world works towards going back to a sense of normalcy and pre-COVID travel levels, travel insurance seems more critical than ever amid all the uncertainties. Travellers must be well informed on how to benefit fully from their travel insurance. This is not possible unless the agents guiding them have complete clarity on the nuts and bolts of travel insurance policies.

Travel insurance helps safeguard travellers in unexpected situations. COVID is still prevalent in many countries. Unexpected circumstances disrupting travel may still arise in domestic and international travel – sudden flight cancellations, denied boarding for non-compliance of ever-changing COVID guidelines, contracting the virus during a trip, missing the flight because of testing positive, and many more. Good travel insurance must safeguard travellers that find themselves in such circumstances, and agents must help travellers choose the best travel insurance policy with comprehensive coverage for unlikely situations.

Here are some questions agents must be familiar with on how travel insurance can aid policyholders.

How does the insurance cover COVID-affected booking cancellations of clients?

COVID travel insurances cover most of the trip, including flight tickets, excursion bookings, and hotel bookings. If the traveller tests positive, the insurance companies bear the cost difference of altering their travel dates or cancellation charges up to a specific limit.

How will sudden lockdowns or border closure affect the insurance and refunds?

If someone has booked a holiday trip and is looking to get insurance, they should know beforehand what it covers and how it can help in emergencies. In case of sudden lockdowns or restrictions, flights are bound to get cancelled or at least delayed. In these unavoidable circumstances, when flights are cancelled by the airlines, the airlines issue a refund with deductions. Insurance can cover such deductions and protect travellers from unnecessary loss of funds. In case travellers cannot return to their home country, some policies cover the expenses of such a prolonged stay in a foreign country.

Does travel insurance cover emergency COVID hospitalisation for both domestic and international trips?

If a traveller catches the virus while travelling internationally, the travel insurance can help them avail immediate inpatient hospitalisation. Here, all the medical covers opted for will come in handy.

What key points must a travel agent discuss with the client before policy issuance?

With authorities constantly updating guidelines since COVID, the agents must stay up to date and inform clients of all relevant details. Agents must inform travellers standard terms and conditions, varying rules from border to border, and the different procedures to claim reimbursement benefits depending on the insurance provider.

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