Bihar to develop Buddhist Circuits

The state government is paying attention to develop more religious circuits, apart from adventure sites and wildlife projects. At the same time, it is also giving importance to promotional activities for the same to promote tourism.

Suhani Sood

Bihar is growing in terms of GDP, infrastructure, and tourism. The state government has rolled out special plans and requested stakeholders to work together and make the state one of the best tourism destinations. Speaking at the recent IATO convention, Nand Kishor, Managing Director, Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation, Bihar Government, said that the state government has special focus on religious tourism, majorly Buddhist Circuits and Jain Circuits, as both the religions started from Bihar. They are also focusing on wildlife tourism, especially tiger tourism, as Bihar is home to beautiful wildlife reserves and sanctuaries, such as Valmiki Tiger Reserve and Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary.

Expressing his pride and excitement on hosting Travel and Tourism Fair in Bihar for the first time, Kishor said, “Bihar has great potential in tourism; it needs to be tapped. It (IATO convention) was a good opportunity as many travel agents got to know about Bihar and its offerings.”

Business generation & tourism

Asked about the importance of IATO convention, he responded, “It is really important for business development and tourism in the area of Aurangabad. It provides an amazing platform for the state government, tourism operators, and travel agents to come together and provide better facilities.”

He said, “Apart from organizing TTF in October, we also plan to host roadshows in different states and outside India as well. We are aggressively promoting Bihar by organizing familiarization trips for different stakeholders, developing major attractions, and also diverting people to lesser known destinations.”

He said that foreign investors are looking for investment opportunities in Bihar because of its dynamicity. “Bihar is the only state that represents all the six major religions. With government efforts, now people from outside feel the changes in Bihar,” Kishor said.

Bihar is a beautiful yet unexplored destination due to lack of advertising and promotional activities. “It is important to focus on advertising and promotional activities; only then tourists will be aware of the tourism offerings and potential,” he said. Kishor said that building confidence among the tourists visiting Bihar is important.



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