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IATO and TRAVTALK recently organised a masterclass in association with Google-certified Internet Marketing School (IMS). Here, digital marketing experts Pankaj Karmakar, Technical & Academic Head, IMS and Anushka Upasak, Digital Marketing Faculty & Executive, IMS, addressed queries on effective website and social media marketing.

Manas Dwivedi

Which software is suggested for bulk email marketing?

Software that is popular for bulk email marketing includes Octeth, Emarsys, Awebers and Sendinblue, but Mailchimp is one of the best premium software. With Mailchimp, you get a 2,000 contacts liberty for free and you can send 10,000 mails. After this limitation, you have to go for an upgrade. So, to try the bulk mailing feature, Mailchimp is a good option.

How do you reach the target audience’s inbox and not the spam folder?

The decision depends on the design of the email. Personalisation is important to reach the inbox. The moment you start personalising the mail, the system will detect that there is no computerised promotion involved.

What is the difference between a blog and vlog? What should be used?

Blogs are the written form of a statement or text presented to provide information, whereas a vlog is the video form of the same task. Both modes of communication are working very well but currently, vlogs are more popular for social media marketing or maybe mixing a blog and vlog can be a good option.

What is niche marketing on the digital platform?

Niche marketing is targeting your customer basis your demographic, location, language, behaviour and interest. It’s like targeting a specific product to a particular mass of audience or group.

How do you enhance SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important tool to get your website visible on Google pages, and also improve the page rank. SEO is responsible for fetching best results over interest searches. So, the more you use better and popular keywords, the more your website will be visible on search pages.

How do you protect your content and pages from plagiarism?

For this, when you design your website, giving alternative tags is important.

Is digital marketing profitable in India?

Digital marketing on social media such as Facebook and Instagram is much cheaper in comparison to marketing on Google, which is based on the popularity and price of keywords users search and rate per click.

Google ads or Facebook ads – which is more effective?

It depends on the nature of business. For the travel and tourism sector, social media ads on Facebook or Instagram will be more effective, but if you are promoting a specific product, go for Google ads.

How important is it to score high on Google page speed insights? How do you score high?

For your website, Google always suggests the areas where you can improve in terms of page. Using these insights, Google will tell you the issues on your website due to which your page speed on searches is getting compromised. Just note down those issues and contact your website developer to fix the page speed.

Which is the best social media platform for the older generation?

Facebook and Instagram are more popular among this age category. So, for amateurs starting out, Facebook is a friendly platform.



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