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As global trends shift towards digitalisation, the market for electronic visas has become even more popular. Amidst this, Atlys – a technology company specialising in e-visas – offers that in seconds. Pariket Doshi, GM (South Asia), Atlys, shares more details on how it can help travel agents and tour operators remove this huge stressor.

Hazel Jain

A lot of countries are now adopting or looking to adopt e-visas for many reasons, the most important amongst them being the speed with which visas can be processed for travellers. E-visas help automated decisioning which in turn means countries can process more visas with fewer resources. Further, with widespread digitisation, various data traveller points can be pulled through automation, which helps the country determine acceptance or rejection.

Overall, e-visas are a win-win for countries and travelers, says Pariket Doshi, General Manager (South Asia), Atlys. It is a technology company that specialises in e-visas that take only seconds. Its innovative technology has made the visa process easy, fast, and effortless. Currently, Atlys is focused on developing a B2B portal and now expanding the B2C app, that allows individuals to apply for visas within seconds. In addition, Atlys has recently introduced insurance.

Doshi says, “At Atlys, we have automated the visa application process for all e-visas. We currently have 1,000+ travel agents processing visas on behalf of their customers. Some of our top countries are UAE, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Turkey, Cambodia, Kenya, Morocco and Thailand. We have identified multiple pain points faced by our travel agents. Primarily, most agents were unaware of the documents required for specific countries and even after they identified the documents required, they were spending a long time to apply for visas manually or through an offline process. Further, many travel agents faced issues of having to log-in to multiple country portals to check the status of the client visas.”

Atlys has built a B2B portal to resolve these pain points for the trade. “Our portal is easy to use, agents get a vast database of up-to-date visa requirements, guidelines and documentation for supported countries. Further, the portal saves time and resources for the agent and provides real time status of visas through automation,” Doshi adds.

Visas are still a huge point of stress for the travel agents and tour operators even today. Atlys has built an intuitive portal with interesting features. It takes less than a minute to create an account. A visa can be applied within 30 seconds and bulk uploads allow for multiple/group visas to be applied within just a few minutes. There is easy access to the ledger with automated invoices generated for each transaction and express visa options are available for multiple countries. There is even a WhatApp bot which collects documents directly from the customer helping the agent in saving operational time and effort; and improved support response times in less than 30 minutes!

Further, based on feedback from agents, it has recently introduced travel insurance on the portal
with competitive prices. “Also, we will be starting our fulfilment centers shortly, in order to support countries which have an offline visa process viz. South Africa, Israel, Turkey and many more. Our endeavor is to listen to our agents and build new features and products which solve their problems. Agents can check out our portal on,” Doshi says.

Atlys features:

  • Account is created under a minute
  • Visa can be applied within 30 secs
  • Bulk uploads allow for multiple visas to be applied within few minutes
  • Easy access to the ledger with automated invoices generated for each transaction
  • Express visa options for multiple countries
  • WhatApp bot collects documents directly from customer



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