Adventure sports is our USP

For Natventure, the pandemic turned out to be a time to reinvent themselves, while making sure that sustainable travel is at the core of their adventure offerings in the Northeast region.

Nisha Verma

Jitu Pegu, co-Founder, Natventure, claims that they are a dedicated and professional group of adventure seekers, and is a JTI Group of companies based in Guwahati, Assam. We are the first and only adventure tour operator from NE India recognised by the MoT, and the only active member of the ATOAI in the region,” he says.

Natventure offers cycling in the challenging terrain of the snow-capped eastern Himalayas, green valleys, and the majestic rivers of northeastern India. “Apart from that, one can explore the region through trekking, river cruising, hiking, village walks, camping, customised to specific preferences. Setting foot in the less explored, idyllic terrain inhabited by tribes such as the Idu Mishmi, Adi, Galo, and Mishing tribes are the star moments in our itineraries, “he adds.

When it comes to USP, Pegu says that being eco-sensitive, having an experienced guide, serving local, healthy, and hygienic meals on our trips; not compromising on safety, using international standard equipment, and offering unique experiences, sets them apart.

During the pandemic, they did not lay off their staff. “We have undergone various exercises to keep them motivated. Today, people are eager to travel to less-explored destinations. This has motivated us to re-design our product, in which we have decreased the group size, promoted homestays and camps during our tours, and have concentrated on customised tours, along with less explored destinations. The boat and bike tours in Assam are a result of this effort. Our team explored new destinations so that new experiences could be offered to travellers. Besides, they have been trained in post-COVID travel practises and protocols so that a safe travel experience is ensured, “he informs.

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