ADTOI aspires for sustainability

ADTOI is encouraging people to undertake travel and arranging programmes to build confidence among travellers and usher in a new era for the tourism sector through planning, managing, and developing tourism activities sustainably. The association is focusing on promoting tourism-related activities in a sustainable manner.

Janice Alyosius

When asked about his goal to promote sustainable tourism, PP Khanna, President of the ADTOI, replies, “Sustainable tourism is a concept that encompasses the entire tourism experience, including economic, social, and environmental issues, as well as improving tourist experiences and addressing the needs of local communities. The association is focusing on promoting tourism-related activities for both pleasure and business purposes in order to help travellers plan, create, and manage their visits in a sustainable manner.”

“During the lockdown period, the business was totally disrupted with aircraft, train services, and surface vehicles, totally halted,” he said, when asked about the impact of Covid on the association. However, once the lockdown was lifted, individuals began to relocate because they couldn’t stop travelling for numerous personal and societal reasons. We’ve been encouraging people to travel and putting up programmes to boost confidence and bring in a new era for the tourism industry. We’ve also taken steps to expand our membership base by providing all stakeholders in the country a subsidized, attractive membership fee. The offer is open till 31st March 2022. In the past one and a half years, we have seen a jump in the number of new memberships. ”

Khanna spoke on his commitment to enhance tourism services and guarantees, the safety of visitors. “Providing safety and security to all, including tourists, is a State subject. Tourist police have been deployed in some states to ensure this. In addition, as service providers, our members provide tourists with useful tips and advice, while visiting tourist destinations. The members spread up-to-date tourist information, give personalized services to consumers, and aid travellers in the event of difficulties when visiting sites, among other things. Because the services are diverse, all service providers must maintain a high level of service,” he says.

He adds, “Tourism products are either managed by private or public or the Centre/State Governments. To attract more tourists, they all have to take collective action to maintain and provide new products. We also get feedback from the visiting tourists about difficulties experienced or deficiencies noticed, and we follow it up with the concerned people or the government. ” In terms of the Tourism Vision 2022, he adds, “Let us wait and see how the government presents the next budget and what kind of relief the tourism industry will receive. Although rising expenses and dwindling resources may have an impact on the tourism industry, domestic tourism will continue to grow and offer economic prosperity to all regions. With the help of Gujarat Tourism, we successfully held our Annual Convention in February 2021 at Kevadia, with post-FAM trips. It drew over 300 delegates from across the country.”


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