A single portal for Cozmo

With a renewed focus on holiday packages as a segment and its net revenue as a business model, Cozmo Travel is currently building a single portal for its travel agent partners that will have everything from packages, visas, and hotels to car rental and many new services.

Hazel Jain

Santosh Kanchan, Country Head – India, Cozmo Travel, is clear about his company’s new priorities after the COVID-19 pandemic. He says, “COVID is the time when we changed our model completely – from a focus on turnover and volume, to a more revenue-based model. The focus is now only on those products or segments, which are our strong points. We have also moved to a more cash-based model rather than credit-based B2B ticketing.”

Cozmo Travel is a General Sales Agent (GSA) for Air Arabia. It started its own travel company in India seven years ago called Cozmo Travel World, which offers end-to-end travel services. Kanchan shares another area that the company has underlined – holiday packages. “We are doing this differently than other travel companies. Since Cozmo is a GSA for Air Arabia for their entire network, we have an advantage of having our own offices in many of the countries we are selling. This includes the Middle East of course, as well as Egypt, Oman, Armenia, and Jordon. The airline flies from a lot of GCC and CIS countries,” he says.

More than 75 global offices

In effect, Cozmo is not a DMC because it has its own offices in these countries. “So when the clients of our travel partners travel to say Egypt, they will see a Cozmo office there. Therefore, in terms of service, we are better able to take care of their clients in these countries. We are, therefore, focusing on holiday packages only in those countries where we have our own offices. We will soon open one in Georgia as well,” he reveals, adding, “So if any travel agent asks us for a US or a Thailand package, we will have to decline that business because we don’t have offices there. We want to be in a place where when a travel agent thinks of Egypt or Oman, they will think of us.”

The company has a presence in more than 30 cities and 11 countries, including India. All these offices will be headed by a country manager, who is from that country. Explaining how this will also give Cozmo an upper hand, Kanchan says, “This will help us in the sense that when we sell a package, we will get better support from the government bodies when we have a local person at the helm. This also helps us build better contact with the government agencies, which helps us promote packages, albeit in a different way,” he adds.

All-in-one TravTrolley

Cozmo is currently focusing on developing a one-stop-shop for all its services called TravTrolley. “TravTrolley will have holiday packages, visas, and hotels, all integrated in one portal. We need one single portal for our agents – whether it is visas, hotels, holiday packages, our own car rental company plus any other new service that we introduce. On this portal, agents only need to deposit money or use any other pay-out and buy any of our services on this portal,” Kanchan shares.





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