A plan is needed

Ajay Bhatt, the newly appointed Minister of State, Tourism, speaks to TRAVTALK about his role in taking the sector forward.

Nisha Verma

For Ajay Bhatt, priorities are already fixed. He says that he will work towards bringing the tourism sector on top. “We will take briefings and understand things clearly. Only then will we have clarity on issues, so we can deliberate and come to a solution for them,” he claimed.

He added that stakeholders, both directly and indirectly employed with the tourism sector, have also suffered immensely. “The hotel industry has come to a halt and small shops around tourist sites have been badly impacted. This includes locals, rickshaws, taxis, guides, daily wagers, etc. Now that the
situation is improving day by day, we hope to soon come back to the old levels of tourism in India,” he concluded.



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