Village with unique offers

Developed on the concept of ‘Back to Your Roots’, Monteria Village offers an authentic village experience with a modern touch, while making sure that the guests fall in love with the natural surroundings.

TT Bureau

Monteria Village is a destination designed to give a guest an elevated experience of quintessential village life, says Rahi Vaghani, Managing Director, Monteria Resort. “Spread across 36 acres in Raigad district’s Khalapur town, we have nurtured an ecosystem that plants its guests in the daily life, culture, cuisine, entertainment, art and heritage of an Indian village. Surrounded by lush green expanses that are farmed using age-old and modern agriculture practices, our guests are naturally exposed to its grounding energy. We have leaned on a modern outlook to offer the most authentic traditional touch to any family holiday, wedding destination and corporate events,” he adds.

Village vision

Vaghani says that ‘Back to Your Roots’ is a concept evolved with his father’s vision to lead his retired life in a village that would enable him to slow down and be close to the nature by leading the farming activities.

Unique offerings

It offers unique village experiences, an immersive art experience, traditional village techniques, classic village masterpieces, street food, souvenir and art stores and daily essentials. A lot of entertainment and unwinding options are there for the guests as well, including costume photography, traditional games, amphitheatre, village mela and golf cart for elderly. “Considering the feedback from our guests, we are soon launching Kabila, a place for camping at Monteria Village,” he said.


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