UP’s magic to increase inbound

Uttar Pradesh government is eager to showcase the state’s rapid development of tourism infrastructure and tourist attractions to the participants at the 37th IATO convention, scheduled in Lucknow from 16 to 19 December 2022.

Janice Alyosius

With the 37th IATO convention scheduled in Lucknow from 16 to 19 December 2022, the Uttar Pradesh government is thrilled and eager to showcase the rapid development of its tourism infrastructure and tourist attractions in the state to the convention participants.

Mukesh Kumar Meshram, Principal Secretary Tourism and Director General, Uttar Pradesh Tourism, said that the state has adopted an investor-friendly tourism strategy and the government is ready to offer full support to any investor coming to the state, particularly in the sphere of tourism and hospitality. “It is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to interact, participate in this convention, and see what we are doing. They can also learn a lot about the state, our tourist circuits, our cultures, our cuisine, and everything else related to tourism,” he said.

The state has seen an increase in international visitors since the pandemic, though the number is not as high as it was before the pandemic. The state is preparing to welcome visitors and working in the fields of connectivity and hospitality. Kushinagar airport is working in full force and Ayodhya international airport is to come up in 2024, he informed.

UP is a hub of religious tourist sites with more than 5,000 temples in the state, as well as places like Varanasi, Ayodhya, and Mathura, which reflect the state’s religious importance and potential to attract global tourists. The number of tourists visiting the Kashi Vishwanath Temple Corridor since it opened in December last year has increased to 40 lakh per month from 10 lakh per month, shared Meshram.

UP has worked hard to raise tourism’s profile and provide visitors with the best possible experience. The newly launched policy of UP Tourism includes the agenda of developing Ramayana and Mahabharata circuits in UP, as well as other places of religious significance that will be given a new identity.

The state also intends to lease forts and palaces to developers for long-term conversion into heritage hotels. This step will provide experiential tourism, which is highly sought after by tourists. As a result, the convention will assist stakeholders in learning about and exploring UP’s initiatives
and developments.

Blurb: Govt is ready to offer full support to any investor coming to the state, particularly in the sphere of tourism and hospitality

IATO gears up for Lucknow convention

The IATO and its members are enthusiastic about the Lucknow convention.

Rajiv Mehra, President, IATO, said that many important discussions will take place on key topics such as state offerings, hotels, technology, and the importance of international promotions and branding.

Ravi Gosain, Vice President, IATO, said, “We are working day and night to ensure the success of our IATO convention in Lucknow. It will be our 37th annual convention, and we are expecting a large turnout from our members. We have over 250 registrations. I believe, it will be a good opportunity for them to network with their principal operators who are active members of IATO in order to gain some business.”

Prateek Hira, Chairman, IATO, Uttar Pradesh Chapter, said, “UP is very excited about IATO because the last convention was in Lucknow in 1996 and then, if I recall correctly, in Agra in 2004. So, after that gap of about 22 years or 24 years, many things have changed, and for the better.”

“This time, the trade and hospitality sectors will be able to see first-hand experience in the Uttar Pradesh capital and the rest of the state. So, our members are very excited, and the UP tourism and government are also very excited about hosting this IATO convention in Uttar Pradesh,” he added.





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