TrawellTag ensures a safe journey

Emergencies can hit anytime while travelling. In case you haven’t thought about it earlier, let TrawellTag Cover-More take charge.

TT Bureau

Parents always look forward to visit their children, especially when they live abroad. And, smart parents like Ashok Soni take a suitable travel assistance and insurance cover when making such trips, as they understand the costs and risks involved with any emergency in a foreign land.

Soni was visiting his son in Bangkok when he experienced sudden uneasiness and complained of chest pain. His son Ankush Soni immediately contacted the emergency assistance team of TrawellTag Cover-More who arranged for the hospitalisation of Soni. Post examination, the medical team advised Soni to
undergo angiography and immediate surgery to place an artificial pacemaker.

The emergency assistance team at TrawellTag Cover-More swung into action immediately and their unwavering support brought my father back to the path of recovery

-Ankush Soni

The TrawellTag Cover-More global assistance team supported Soni’s family by liaising with the hospital to provide regular updates about his father’s health. They also interacted with the underwriter and facilitated end-to-end financial assistance and coordination with the hospital.

On being discharged from the hospital, Soni decided to stay back with his son in Bangkok, with a sense of gratitude for travelling with TrawellTag Cover-More’s global assistance and insurance.

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