River cruising in India a luxury

River cruising in India may have been a travel segment that was once ignored, but if utilised well, could be a product that India can boast of. Sharing their experience on-board Antara Cruises, luxury travel planners explain what defines a perfect itinerary and a boutique, niche holiday coupled with state-of-the-art luxury and an unforgettable experience.

Loveleen Multani Arun, Founder Director, Panache World

Being on the Antara cruise fulfilled two of my passions – the city of Kolkata and any new product that comes into the tourism industry these days is welcome. River cruising has always been a passionate study for me. It has so much of potential. I really look forward to selling this wonderful new product as an experience that I am sure has miles to go in the industry.

Sanjay Arya, Chief Executive Officer, KFT Corporation

Cruising on Antra was really an eye opener. We were not aware that there was such a high-end luxury river cruising experience available in India. The best surprise was the size of the rooms – they were not like the usual European river cruises. The service was also like that of a luxury five-star hotel. The food on the ship was indeed varied and delicious, and trying local dishes was a delight.

Mehernosh Colombowalla, Director, Beyond Borders Travel Management Company

Antara Cruises goes beyond our expectations! With fabulous, spacious rooms, it matches the standard of all international river cruises. In fact, it’s heartening that Antara River Cruises has been voted sixth best among river cruises in the world. With such offerings, it would be very exciting for us to promote this product amongst our clients. Short itineraries on Antara are also good.

Sadhna Sharma,Curator of Experiential Journeys, The Intrepid Club

I was extremely delighted that I chose travelling on Antara Cruises for the first trip post lockdown. Initially, I was very worried to travel, but then being on a luxury ship and the kind of sanitation and cleanliness standards that we experienced were at par. It was a perfect place to be safe and enjoyable. The best part was to see Kolkata in a whole new way.

Amit Gilani,Founder, Travel Butler

People want to explore offbeat itineraries and places, and Antara Cruises defines a memorable, rustic experience with utmost luxurious amenities. One of the highest selling points of the cruise was the service and staff. The ship has expansive decks, nothing cluttered, and it gives one a feeling of being isolated and yet enjoying your time with luxury. The ship has got a spa as well. So, overall, it was delightful.

Rupal Shukla, Director, Tiera Handcrafted Holidays

The entire experience of Antara Cruises was pleasantly surprising. One of the things that clearly stood out were the cabins. They were lovely, massive with big bay windows from where you could look out, sit, relax and soak in the entire view of River Ganges. ‘Luxurious’ is just to say the least. All these things make sailing on a cruise a lot
more comfortable.

Inputs by Manas Dwivedi


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