Japan hosts “An Evening with Japanese Food 2020” in Delhi

Satoshi Suzuki, Ambassador of Japan to India hosted “An Evening with Japanese Food 2020” at his residence in New Delhi, to promote Japanese food in India.

The Embassy of Japan in India has been working actively to raise awareness of Japanese food and Sake (Rice Wine) in India. This time, Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador, Chef Ogawa Hirotoshi, and Indian MasterChef, Chef Pankaj Bhadouria, presented lectures followed by demonstrations on Japanese cuisine.

Chef Ogawa made sushi with fish imported from Japan. In 2018, Japan and India agreed on the sanitary certificate of fish imported from Japan into India. A Japanese fish wholesaler, J’s Corporation, also exhibited their products at the event.

Chef Pankaj served a special salad using apples imported from Japan for the first time. Last December, the Indian government approved a trial shipment of Japanese apples into India. Japanese apples exporters, Aomori Trading and Japan Agriculture/Kowa India, also showcased those apples at the event.

In addition, Japanese chain restaurants are coming into India. The biggest curry chain restaurant in Japan, “Coco Ichibanya”, and a Japanese style BBQ restaurant, “Pepper Lunch”, also offered a preview of their food before their official launch in India.

In addition, to promote Japanese agricultural and food products and Japanese cuisine around the world, the Japanese government is certifying “Japanese Food Supporters”. At the event, four newly certified Japanese restaurants (Premium Ichizen, Tokyo Table (Kuuraku), Sushi & More and Makoto Udon) participated in the event.

Furthermore, the event featured special exhibitions by Japanese companies showcasing Japanese products such as sake, food and beverages, as well as kitchen appliances and food related services. They are: Ozeki/Kyoto Beverage, Gassan Shuzo/Project Sake, Katokichibei Shoten/Rad Elan, Beam Suntory, Itoen/Kyoto Beverage, Daawat Kameda and Tiger India.

After the opening remarks by Ambassador Suzuki (Ambassador’s speech), and speeches by Chef Ogawa and Chef Pankaj, an introduction was made on Japanese curry house, CoCo Ichibanya, as well as Japanese fish and apples, which was followed by the reception.

Dignitaries and representatives from the Indian Government, hotels, restaurants, food companies, media, and others, greatly enjoyed the night with Japanese food and beverages.

The Embassy of Japan in India will continue its efforts for the promotion of Japanese food among Indian people.


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